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Beyond Case Studies: How to Use More Social Proof in Your Business Proposals

What do Jennifer Aniston, McDonald’s, and chewing gum have in common? They’re all in this post. Oh, and they’re great examples of how to use social proof. Social proof builds trust. It’s why we check product reviews or ask for recommendations from our friends. So, how can you capture that crowdsourced feeling in your proposals? I’m sharing 8 ways to kindle more confidence and persuade your prospects by adding some of these 5-star examples of B2B social proof to your proposals.
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costs of proposal software

How Much Does Proposal Software Cost?

Ready for a software cost showdown? Come on down! In this post, I’m breaking down the factors that influence proposal software pricing, why ‘free’ software often isn’t, how to find the best online software for your sales team, and the return on investment you can expect when the proposal software price is right.
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