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costs of proposal software

How Much Does Proposal Software Cost?

Ready for a software cost showdown? Come on down! In this post, I’m breaking down the factors that influence proposal software pricing, why ‘free’ software often isn’t, how to find the best online software for your sales team, and the return on investment you can expect when the proposal software price is right.
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in-person business proposal presentation

The Future of Sales Proposals is Interactive. Here's How to Do It Right

It’s a new decade. Do you know where your proposals are? They might be totally stuck in the ‘90s. And annoying your customers more than your Discman skipping while you do the Macarena. In this post, I’ll show you the five interactive tactics you need to move your sales team’s proposals firmly into the 2020s and impress today’s prospects. Plus a look at the tech that got us here and where Proposify co-founder and CEO Kyle Racki thinks proposals are headed next.
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sales staying out of the dark

Deals Going Dark? 6 Reasons Why Your Sales Proposals Don’t Get the Job Done and How to Fix Them

Are your proposals an afterthought? Are they a bland, one-page chock full of pricing details designed to just ‘get the job done’? A bloated sales document so copied and pasted together that no one actually knows what’s supposed to be in it anymore? Or are more subtle issues with your sales team’s proposals causing deals to go dark? Here are six signs your proposals might be the weak link in your sales cycle and what you can do about it.
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proposal cover letter

5 Simple Steps to Writing a Better Proposal Cover Letter

From getting the prospect’s attention to showing you have the right solution, your proposal’s cover letter has a big job to do. I’m breaking down 15 examples to show you how to create your most persuasive cover letter ever, one that makes prospects excited to read on and sign on the dotted line.
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