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proposal cover letter

5 Simple Steps to Writing a Better Proposal Cover Letter

From getting the prospect’s attention to showing you have the right solution, your proposal’s cover letter has a big job to do. I’m breaking down 15 examples to show you how to create your most persuasive cover letter ever, one that makes prospects excited to read on and sign on the dotted line.
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how to create proposals that both sales and marketing love

How to Create Business Proposals Your Sales AND Marketing Teams Love [Infographic]

Can your proposal process really have it all? You could produce a gorgeous, fully designed proposal—that takes forever to create. Okay, so you send out quick, generic proposals—but they don’t have the power to persuade prospects. And insight into where proposals are in your pipeline? Forget it. But it’s easier than you think to put together proposals that your whole team AND your prospects love. This infographic shows you what you need.
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how to create digital electronic signatures online

Why & How You Should Use Electronic Signatures to Close Proposals Faster

Customer expectations are changing. Have your proposals? If your sales team’s close rate still counts on every client printing, signing, scanning, and sending back your proposals, your proposal sign-off process is stuck in the ‘90s. Here’s why creating and using online signatures is the simple, modern way to close deals faster, plus I take a look at the top electronic signature apps available today.
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business proposal tips

17 Tips to Perfect Your Business Proposal Game

If your proposal creation process is impeccable, you can safely ignore this post. Buuuuuut if you’re looking for ways to get more polished and persuasive proposals sent faster (and who isn’t?!), here are 17 ways to make your proposals the stars of your sales process.
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hidden benefits of proposal software

8 Hidden Benefits of Proposal Software

Online business proposal software is the fastest way to get your clients to say yes to your proposals. Then there are the metrics, the pipeline views, the interactive fee tables, the in-proposal chat… but you probably know about these big, overarching features that make using proposal software to create and send your proposals great. So, how else does it improve the sales process for thousands of world-class closers around the world? Here are eight additional positive effects of using proposal software that you might not have considered.

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