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The Pro’s Guide to Handling Objections During the Sales Process

Objection protection—that’s what we want you to have.

We want you to know how to preemptively handle objections and how to get to the root of the customer’s concern.

To get all of this valuable info, we sat down with Morgan J Ingram in a recent episode of the Closing Show Live on LinkedIn.

Morgan is the VP of GTM Talent and Development and a sales consultant who upskills teams of AEs and SDRs.

Check out the full interview with Morgan or keep reading for his best objection-handling techniques.

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Personal Branding Tips for Sales Professionals [Online & Offline]

Personal branding can open new doors.

But even if you never go viral, your brand comes into play during client interactions and can really impact your numbers.

Will Aitken has certainly experienced all of the benefits of having an online presence and a unique style. Known for his humorous sales content, he’s transitioned from a sales role to a full-time content creator dedicated to edutaining salespeople. He now holds two titles: Head of Sales Content at Sales Feed and Video Content Creator at Vidyard.

Will is a firm believer that sales professionals need to have a solid understanding of their personal brand—both for client calls and social media content. And he’s showing us how.

Keep reading for his best advice, or catch the full conversation on our recent episode of the Closing Show Live on LinkedIn.

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Proposify's List of Best Sales Voices

Proposify’s List of the Best Voices in Sales

Need to freshen up your LinkedIn feed with content relevant to your role?

LinkedIn can be a treasure trove of sales playbooks to try, mistakes to avoid, and good ole motivation.

But who do you follow to get the very best that LinkedIn #sales has to offer?

We’ve surveyed our own AEs and SDRs to find out who they love to follow on LinkedIn.

And so we present Proposify’s List of the Best Voices in Sales.

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Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Explained

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Explained

If you want to know which contracts are in effect (and what stage they’re at), then you need to manage contracts throughout their lifecycle.

Unfortunately, we’re often too busy to manage contracts effectively. Managers and business owners simply save the PDF contract in their downloads folder, and forget all about it. But this paves the way for legal and financial risks.

Sellers need to improve their proposal and contract operations, while buyers need to rework how they track contract fulfillment, compliance, and renewals to be sure they’re maximizing every contract.

In this guide, we dive into the key stages of contract lifecycle management and showcase smart tools to help you manage your contracts proactively.

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Who Should Own SaaS Upsells? (And Why We Chose Customer Success)

Who Should Own SaaS Upsells? (And Why We Chose Customer Success)

In our recent episode of The Closing Show, we dove deep into our motivation for transferring the ownership of upsells from sales to customer success—and exactly how we did it.

The conversation included Chief Revenue Officer Conor Cox, Customer Growth Manager Scott Tower, and Customer Success Manager Jasper Goodwin. In this blog, Conor takes us through the SaaS upselling techniques shared in the show.

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How to close the deal faster

4 Tips That Will Make Any Proposal More Likely to Close

You’ve based your recommendations on your client discovery process. You’ve added all the essential sections to your proposal. You’re ready to hit send on the proposal and hope it will close.

But what if there were just a few simple tweaks you could do to make sure to increase the chances that it will close?

We researched over 1 million proposals that were sent with our software last year to discover what great closers do before and after they hit send.

Below, we’ve pulled out some of the best tips from this research to help you in the final stretch.

Get all of our research. We’ve included dozens of simple, data-driven proposal tips in The 2022 State of Proposals.

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How to create a simple sales contract

How to Create a Simple Sales Contract

Looking to draw up a simple sales contract?

We’ve put together a guide for creating easy, efficient sales contracts that close. This guide is based on our own experience with creating and reviewing thousands of simple sales contracts, as well as feedback from our customers who have used our contract templates.

In it, we’ll explore the benefits and challenges of using a contract, review different kinds of contracts, and give you an outline to follow—just to make your life easier.

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New blog post: Vendor contract essentials

The Vendor Contract Essentials

Your vendors are important. They often provide important basics of business operations: office supplies, for example, as well as equipment repair and maintenance, internet and phone services, and the raw materials for your products.

But as you grow, it can be difficult to keep track of all your vendors and ensure that everyone is on the same page. This can lead to disputes over prices, payments, and more—and it can cost both parties time and money (and added stress, who needs that?).

In this article we'll learn what a vendor contract is, why they're important and how to create smart vendor contracts that protect your business. Most importantly, we'll discuss how Proposify helps you build vendor contracts that are easy to work with, adapt them over time, and strengthen the partnership between you and the vendors you do business with.

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How to create a quote template

How to Create a Quote Template

When you're a sales leader at a service company, your job is to win new business. That usually involves the use of a quote. And let's be honest, most of those quotes start with a template.

A poorly-designed quote template can turn away even the most interested prospects, while a well-designed one can help you close deals faster than ever before. But how do you know which type of quote template will work best for your business?

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P blue suit coffee is for closers

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