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The cost of free

It's hard to compete with free, right? Sure Google Docs is a great cloud based document editor, we use it too! But for proposals, it falls pretty short. For starters, your proposals will be mixed in with all of your million+ other documents. You can use folders, but that becomes a pain to manage after years of proposals are accumulated. Plus you still need to open up every document to find just one section of content, whereas in Proposify your individual sections are saved in a library and can be dragged and dropped into place. Plus Proposify offers variables which auto replace snippets of text, like client's names.

This adds up to hundreds of hours of time savings in the course of a year.

Proposify helps manage your sales workflow

It's one thing to have a list of all your proposals. It's quite another to be able to list them in conjunction with your sales pipeline, see their value at a glance, know which ones are due and when, assign them to team members, know which ones are viewed and awaiting sign-off, and get an archive you can search by date and status. Whew, that's a lot simpler than keyword searching through hundreds of documents to find the one you want!

proposify pipeline

Learn valuable insights

If you're using Google Docs for proposals, you can't show your clients online previews that are branded to your company - your client knows you were using Google Docs, which doesn't look quite as polished. We also let your clients interact with your proposals, like checking on or off optional fees, and signing off right in the document without needing any other software.

Proposify also lets you know as soon as your client opens your proposal and gives you individual stats on specific sections your client spent the most time on, and also lets you know your averages across all proposals.

proposify snapshot and metrics

Proposify syncs with your other business apps

If you use a CRM or invoicing tool for your business, Proposify syncs up with it. For example, if you use Highrise for you CRM and Freshbooks for invoicing, you can import your contacts from Highrise, auto-create a deal as soon as you send a proposal in Proposify, have it updated in Highrise when your client makes a decision, and then auto-generate an invoice in Freshbooks when a proposal is accepted. How seamless is that?

If you use Google Docs for proposals you need to keep all of this information up-to-date manually. Who wants that?

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