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Proposify offers a versatile and easy to adopt business proposal software solution with stellar support and flexible pricing plans.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a powerful new tool to improve your closing game or are looking to make the switch from PandaDoc, you’ve landed in the right place.

To support your research process, here are some highlights worth considering in your research on PandaDoc alternatives.

Proposify offers easy adoption and personalization

When it comes to pulling together professional proposals, you don’t want to fuss with complicated formats and features.

Proposify offers a flexible and easy-to-use editor so drafting stellar sales documents is a breeze. No professional design experience required and you’re given access to an extensive gallery of templates easily updated to reflect any unique brand and style.

Users can conveniently navigate through their documents with a visible Table of Contents pane. Keeping it on display allows reps to quickly access areas of the deals that require tailoring or updating. And when it comes time for the prospect to view the deal details, they can quickly seek out the sections that speak to them most.

Speaking of speaking to prospects, we make it easy to include videos in your deals to elevate that personal touch. Proposify supports share links from Wistia, YouTube, Vimeo, and Slate and with our new Vidyard Integration, users can add videos directly from their Vidyard library.

We also offer Presentation Mode, so you can formally walk through your deals with clients and prospects in a polished and professional manner.

flexible proposal design editor


Chris R

“Simple to draft, edit, organize, send and sign off on contracts. The user experience and simplicity of Proposify make it an easy tool to get work done in.”

Chris R
Business Development

While PandaDoc also offers a robust editor, what we’ve heard from former users is that it’s quite a clunky editing experience and documents are more difficult to manipulate and customize. There are no consistent page breaks or sections so it makes for a messy PDF conversion and inconsistent formatting. They also do not offer Presentation Mode. When it comes to looking sharp, the devil really is in the details.

95% of sales reps agree that well-designed docs are important to closing deals.
- Proposify 2021 State of Proposals

With the lack of an accessible Table of Contents outside of the main document in PandaDoc, you and your prospects will need to scroll endlessly to find what you are looking for. Basically, if your deal documents are longer than 5-7 pages, it will get difficult to navigate.

The last thing you’ll notice with PandaDoc when it comes to onboarding and adoption is that they offer 3 different priced onboarding packages based on your team size and needs. That may be a clue that an extensive learning curve and onboarding could be awaiting you and your team.

Proposify puts you in control of your content and protects your brand

Proposify loves keeping things organized and efficient. That’s why we offer folders, search, and filter options as part of our Content Library.

You don’t want your team wasting time hunting down or recreating content when you’ve got the pre-approved pieces ready to go. Inconsistencies and errors in deal details can lead to very costly mistakes in your closing process. Proposify puts you in control of your content by keeping it organized, approved, and accessible.

We break the content library into four distinct categories: Sections, Fees, Snippets, and Images. Each can be organized into folders and can be quickly searched and filtered by tag.

When it comes to keeping brand and design intact, we offer roles and permissions and element locking so that only certain content can be accessed and manipulated. You can grant reps access to the materials needed to seal the deal, not the freedom to go rogue.

organize proposal content in a content library

If you look at PandaDoc’s content experience, you will quickly notice that their organization options are a bit more limited. While they offer folders in the Content Library, it’s a bit of a dumping ground for any and all content which means things can get messy fast. While their image library is kept separate, it does not offer folders. So, when it comes time to find the perfect pic, it may take some manual digging.

If you’ve got lots of time to go looking, then perhaps this is not a deal-breaker but content can get out of hand fast and we aim to keep you in control and focused on the close. Remember, time kills all deals and proposals that get to clients faster, close faster (SOP 2021).

Proposify makes quoting quick and interactive

When it comes time to quote and break out your best pricing, Proposify’s fee tables are quick to customize and populate with your offerings. You can make all edits directly within your document and display them in a variety of ways from recurring/subscription-based fees to optional and quantity-dependent pricing.

Proposify’s pricing tables allow you to drag and drop your items so you can easily reorder the sequence and quickly add and remove additional products and services as needed. Bonus: they are stylish and match the look and feel of the rest of your deal and your brand.

And with our interactive pricing options, you can enable prospects to easily upsell themselves. Everyone loves options.

proposal pricing tables with optional fees and discounts

While PandaDoc’s pricing tables have come a long way in the past year including finally allowing you to edit right within the document, there are still some limitations and it gets increasingly complicated to draft and edit if you are offering more complex pricing. Adding and organizing pricing items is finicky and there is no easy way to reorder your options. The overall look and feel is also lacking a little in the style department (done through CSS).

Proposify’s support team is passionate and offers a wealth of knowledge

While we are a humble bunch here at Proposify, we can’t help but be proud of the love and recognition we continue to receive for our customer success team. They are passionate, extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, and funny to boot. You’ll find our dedicated team becomes yours when you join us.

Here’s what our customers love about our support superheroes:


“She recorded a video just for a 5th grade teacher patiently conveying algebra to a student who wasn’t getting it right away. Proposify is one of my favorite “support-forward” companies on the planet!”


“You know getting answers to tough questions, building a better tomorrow, solving world peace, knowing that a hotdog is truly a sandwich.”

Joe Profeta


“Her interests are aligned with providing the best tier 1 service in the world globally. Wish we could find that more often.”

Richard Geil
Smart Energy 360

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