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Proposify is a more versatile, design-focused tool made specifically for closing deals. Here's why you should consider switching…

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Below you'll find information comparing Proposify with PandaDoc, including features and customers who have happily made the switch.

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Proposify offers you greater design control

What we hear from customers is that PandaDoc is rigid. It doesn't provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to styling your proposal, it's not as customizable, and it doesn't really offer anything special from a design perspective.

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You can't move things to where you want on the page, and there are no page breaks, just to name two examples.

Beauty may be only skin deep but at Proposify we happen to know that beautiful proposals close more deals. That's why we created Proposify to be design-focused, giving you the power to create stylish proposals without needing the skills of a designer. It's like Photoshop for the people.

We offer a cool gallery of great-looking templates for you to choose from and customize. We also know that writing a proposal can be painful so we provide pre-written copy on a variety of services like web design, branding, SEO, and inbound marketing (just to name a few) that you're likely to be pitching on. You can use this copy as inspiration to get started or tailor it to fit your offering.

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Proposify knows sales

Here's the other thing about Proposify. The reason we're the proposal tool of choice for salespeople and entrepreneurs is because we understand sales. We've done it, we've been there and we get the needs, challenges, and time constraints you're under when trying to grow your business. Sales, and closing deals, is our laser focus. And every feature of Proposify is designed to get you one step closer to client sign-off.

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Support Super Heroes

One more thing. We love saving the day by answering questions, helping people through any rough spots, and improving Proposify where we can. You’ll find us responsive, friendly, and super-duper helpful. So hit us up with your questions, friend. We’re ready to leap your proposal problem with a single bound.

It’s a good idea to take us for a test-drive before you decide. We offer a sweet free trial that lets you experience all the deal-closing bells and whistles of Proposify. And getting set up to start your first Proposal takes less time than ordering a tall, extra hot, no whip mochaccino.

To sign up for your free, no-risk trial (no credit card required), just click here. Still have questions? Just click that chat widget in the bottom right-hand corner of this screen.

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