Quote Roller Alternative: Meet Proposify

Quote Roller is being discontinued on March 15, 2022. Now is the time to start searching for Quote Roller alternatives. This page contains information on why you should consider switching to Proposify – a more flexible, design-focused Quote Roller competitor.

If you're searching for a Quote Roller alternative, you've come to the right place: Welcome to Proposify!

We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we've put together some Quote Roller comparison information that'll help you decide which option is best for your needs.

Below, you'll find feature details to help you compare Proposify vs Quoteroller.

Quote Roller alternative: Proposify has a more flexible editor

Quote Roller is fine if all you need is a basic editor for your proposals, but Proposify looks and feels more like a true document editor.

With Proposify, you can create text boxes on the page, flow text between pages by pressing the enter/return key, and drag & resize images, shapes, and lines. You can even include videos in your proposals. You also have access to the entire Google Font library with 600+ fonts to choose from.

Apply your company's unique style to all of your sales documents. From font family to typestyle, your brand stays on point and ready to impress.

flexible proposal design editor

Quote Roller alternative: Proposify offers better templates and themes

We have a huge library of professionally-designed templates for you, no matter your industry – from agencies, to service businesses, consulting, SaaS and more. Our beautiful templates are written exclusively for the real world client projects you tackle every day.

All templates are 100% customizable, making it easy to showcase your unique brand and delight clients. At Proposify, we are obsessed with good design; our themes are beautifully crafted, not boring chunks of text.

Use templates from our gallery, create a design yourself, or have our professional services team create a custom template from scratch!

create proposal templates


Chris B

“Best proposal software there is and I’ve tried them all”

Chris B.
Strategy Director
Small-Business (50 or fewer employees)

Our fans have us blushing, ranking Proposify among the world’s best for 2022.

Join more than 10,000 closers around the world.

What other features does Proposify have that weren’t available in QuoteRoller?

  • Legally Binding E-signatures – Our built-in, legally binding electronic signature software makes your sales documents digital, interactive, and gets the deal signed faster without having to invest in yet another piece of software.
  • Capture Data with Fields – Assign a variety of fields to your recipient and gather the required data quickly. Examples include signatures, names, check boxes, and many others.
  • Self-Signing – Sign your proposals directly in the Proposify app alongside your recipient.
  • Document Workflow & Approval Process – Stop documents from going out with costly mistakes by defining user roles and applying the parameters that will keep reps most productive.
  • Content Library – Find the full framework to build compelling proposals with a central library of pre-approved templates, images, fees, and content.
  • Analytics – Get insights into how prospects are interacting with your proposals and find out what could be costing you the close. View email opens, proposal page views, and more.
  • Interactive Pricing – Tailor pricing options, fees, taxes, and discounts for each proposal with interactive fee tables.
  • Custom Variables – Custom variables help you save time in new proposal documents by automatically filling data.
  • Snapshots & Audits – Check out a proposal’s profile and keep an audit trail for you and your clients' reassurance. Get precise details of when a proposal was sent, viewed, signed, or commented on.
  • Integrations – Proposify integrates with many of the top business apps (such as Salesforce, Zapier, Strike, and Freshbooks) so you can improve your efficiency. Import contacts, link deals, create projects, generate invoices, and more.

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We also offer professional services upon request, such as custom template design, template optimization, and pdf conversion.

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