The Definitive Guide to Going Freelance

To be a successful freelancer, you have to be able to wear a lot of different hats and be willing to hustle to be able to truly enjoy the “free” part of freelancing.

This guide is here to help get you started and provide inspiration when taking the leap.

Chapter 1: Freelancing while Employed
Chapter 2: Making the Leap to Full-time Freelance
Chapter 3: Setting your Rates
Chapter 4: Marketing & Promotion
Chapter 5: Sales & Proposals
Chapter 6: Creating a Process
Chapter 7: Managing Clients
Chapter 8: Managing Money
Chapter 9: Managing Time
Chapter 10: Living the Freelance Lifestyle
Chapter 11: Growth and the Future

      the definitive guide to freelance cover

      Going freelance can be a complex process, but we're here to help!

      I wrote this guide because I wish I had it when I went freelance in 2008. I went from being a salaried graphic designer in an agency to doubling my income in one year and eventually growing it into a full-blown agency.

      I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years along with some really good decisions, and I’m ready to share them with you so you can branch-off on your own and have a more fulfilling career being your own boss.

      So grab your copy and get started!

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