You want your franchise to run like a well-oiled machine. Proposify reduces the friction.

When it comes to managing the proposal process of your franchisees, there are a lot of moving parts that can easily grind your growth to a halt. Proposify provides the control, consistency, and visibility you need to keep your sales running smoothly and close rates full speed ahead.

Brand Consistency

Easy Design Editor
  • Elevate your sales documents with your franchise’s unique style. Insert branded assets like fonts, typestyles, images, and videos, and feel secure in knowing your brand presence will be maintained for a consistent experience across all franchise units.
  • Build any document type your franchisees need, from proposals and contracts to NDAs and SOWs.
  • Easily create professional-looking proposals that not only impress your franchisees’ prospects, they’ll inspire confidence in choosing your business over the competition.

Did you know? The average number of images in winning proposals is 13!

construction proposal software design editor
Content Library
  • Build a comprehensive central library of pre-approved templates, imagery, fees, and content.
  • Stay organized and efficient by leveraging folders and filters for product descriptions, case studies, content sections, and graphics.
  • By storing all the content your franchisees need in one location, snapping together a proposal will take minutes, not hours.
cleaning proposal content library
  • Easily make global changes across franchise templates, minimizing the administrative workload associated with manual edits.
  • We even have a professional services team to create custom template designs upon request!
Proposal templates within Proposify, for franchises.

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Enhanced Workflow Control

Roles & Permissions
  • Set up roles and assign permissions to manage the access each franchisee has and ensure they don’t go rogue.
  • From editing content, pricing, and branding guidelines to locking sections and setting up approvals before a proposal can be sent, franchisees can create sales documents faster while eliminating the odds of costly human error.
  • You can be confident that every sales document receives proper sign-off, ensuring customer satisfaction and error-free communication.
define proposal roles and permissions
  • Set up customized workspaces by BDC, region, or franchise to ensure users are honed in on the right members and materials to move the deal forward as quickly as possible.
proposal software workspaces for teams
  • Automate your deals by integrating your proposals with your franchise’s CRM.
  • Effortlessly sync contacts and leverage custom variables to populate fields in your documents, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.
Graphic showing franchise CRM's ability to connect with Proposify

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Document Visibility & Deal Insight

Proposal Metrics
  • Our snapshot delivers juicy details about how prospects are interacting with franchisee proposals—we tell you which sections they looked at and for how long, plus the amount of time they spent viewing the proposal overall.
  • Empower your franchisees with personalized dashboards, allowing them to prioritize and stay focused on key deals. This valuable insight into what makes a successful proposal can help your entire franchise improve their proposal game.

Did you know? On average, prospects view winning proposals 8 times before signing off.

track proposal views and metrics
Pipeline Insight
  • Remove the 'black box' from your sales process and know exactly where your sales stand. Get insights you need to understand and scale your process and increase accuracy in your forecasting.
  • Effortlessly locate proposals with our intuitive search and filtering tools for a comprehensive view of your franchise business. Whether it's sorting by franchisee, date, stage, or status, you can quickly pinpoint the right deal with just a few clicks.
  • Create customized dashboards so BDCs and franchisees can keep their own deals top of mind.
sort and filer proposals
Notifications & Reminders
  • Your franchisees get live updates on the activity surrounding their deals, empowering them to make strategic moves at the right time. They can keep tabs on proposal activity, completed payments, sign-offs, & more.
  • Franchisees can set up automatic reminders to follow up and keep the deal alive, ensuring a lasting connection with prospects even after the deal is won.

Did you know? Proposals with scheduled reminders are 50% more likely to close.

get proposal reminders and notifications

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Elevated Prospect Experience

Electronic Signatures
  • Leave behind the time-consuming hassle and back-and-forth of paperwork and welcome a seamless signing experience for prospects.
  • Franchisees will get faster sign-offs and make it easier for prospects to buy with our legally binding electronic signature tool and order forms.
  • Unsure about the decision-maker? No problem. Our unassigned signatures feature streamlines the process.

Did you know? Proposals with esignatures close 3X faster than proposals without!

esignatures get 32 percent faster sign-off
Interactive Pricing
  • Franchisees can insert interactive fee tables to allow prospects to customize pricing, fees, taxes, and discounts effortlessly for each deal.
  • Perfect for providing flexibility for non-standard pricing options which are common in franchise deals.
  • Prospects will feel in control and may even upsell themselves! Meanwhile, you’ll eliminate the back and forth that comes hand-in-hand with closing the deal.
proposal pricing tables with optional fees and discounts
Prospect Preview
  • Customized emails and personalized links make it a breeze for your franchisees’ prospects to receive and review proposals in their preferred manner and style. Whether they favor the familiarity of a PDF or are ready to embrace a digital experience, the choice is theirs.
Graphic showing the client feature preview within Proposify's app
  • Franchise businesses often service a variety of geographical regions, and we understand that. This is why we've made Proposify a universal tool, with translations in 15 unique languages and the flexibility to tailor dates, time zones, and currencies to a prospect's liking.
Graphic showing the ability to customize languages and currency within Proposify's app
proposify homepage background

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