The Struggle Doesn’t Have to be Real

Hustling is one thing, struggling is entirely different. If you’re searching for ways to grow your agency without sacrificing your soul, your sanity, and your life savings, this book is for you.

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Full Scale Agency

Scaling your agency can revolutionize your business and your life

Scaling isn’t just about growing; it’s about growing in a way that makes you more efficient and more profitable. So whether you’re a freelancer who’s trying to decide if you should make the jump into starting an agency, or you already have a small team but you’re barely making ends meet, our free book will guide you through the steps to scaling your business.

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Scaling your agency doesn't have to be a soul-sucking endeavour. The wisdom and insights in this book will help you reach your financial goals, while simultaneously empowering you to have a whole lot of fun in the process.

James Carbary

James Carbary
Founder, Sweet Fish Media & Co-Host, B2B Growth

We wrote this book for you

This book is based on our personal experiences and on enlightening conversations we’ve had with other entrepreneurs on how to transform the manual, all-encompassing grind of running an agency into an automated, profitable, growing business.

  • Kyle Racki

    Kyle Racki
    Co-founder & CEO, Proposify

    When it comes to learning about business, designer turned freelancer, turned agency owner, turned SaaS startup founder Kyle has climbed the ladder, fallen a few rungs, started the climb again, and has never stopped looking up.

    In his previous life as an agency owner, Kyle lived in full HD the struggles of trying to manage and grow a small business, lead a team, and thrive in a saturated and economically challenging market. (Oh, and squeeze in a personal life somewhere along the way, too).

    Now, as co-founder and CEO of Proposify, Kyle is focused on building beautiful online proposal software that helps businesses improve their sales, and on growing an innovative, thriving, company where good people want to work.

    He’s also the host of the podcast LTV, where he focuses on sharing what he’s learned to empower other entrepreneurs to build and reap the benefits of a thriving business.

  • Jennifer Faulkner

    Jennifer Faulkner
    Head of Content, Proposify

    Given her first typewriter (yes, TYPEWRITER) at the age of eight, Jennifer seemed destined to become a copywriter. She’s always been curious about the who, the what, the where, and the why of every situation, and how to spin it all into a story.

    Jennifer survived the trenches of the agency world, working as a project manager, account director, copywriter, and brand strategist (sometimes simultaneously!). She later ran her own freelance marketing and communications practice, working with clients across diverse industries. When it comes to the pain of the proposal process, Jennifer can relate 100% to Proposify’s relieved customers.

    Now, Jennifer helps spread the gospel of Proposify in her role as head of content, and loves the thrill of contributing to a growing, dynamic company.

    She also runs a side hustle in her spare(ish) time.

A Sneak Peek Inside The Full Scale Agency

  • Chapter 1

    The Full Scale Agency: How to build a profitable business (without burning out)

  • Chapter 2

    Positioning & Productizing: How to choose a business model that makes money

  • Chapter 3

    Structure, Hiring, & Culture: How to build a business that works

  • Chapter 4

    Pricing & Profitability: How to get the numbers right and stay out of the red

  • Chapter 5

    Attracting & Qualifying Leads: How to keep your funnel topped up with quality prospects

  • Chapter 6

    Proposals & Closing New Business: How to convince and convert

  • Chapter 7

    Clients: How to deliver the work and manage expectations

  • Chapter 8

    The Future: It’s up to you

Don’t Burn Out, Burn Bright

When you’re trying to grow an agency, burnout can feel inevitable. But scaling can help your business run without you needing to have your hands in every detail. And maybe you’ll even make it home for dinner a few more nights a week.

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