Advice from the Bumpy Road of Entrepreneurship, with Josh Chingas

Join Kyle as he sits down for a conversation with Josh Chingas, host of the Niche to Niche podcast. They retrace Kyle’s adventures in SaaS from his agency background to the early days of Proposify to the journey to get the company where it is today.

LTV Podcast Episode 25 The proposify Demo Process

How We Demo Our Product to Leads at Proposify

Once a lead is qualified, they’re ready to see your product in action. But, not every prospect has the same pain, meaning a generic demo presentation just won’t cut it. Join me as I run through the exact demo process we use at Proposify, and explain how we ensure our prospects walk away intrigued and ready to buy.

LTV Podcast Episode 24: Proposify's Lead Qualification Process

The Exact Lead Qualification Process We Use at Proposify

Qualifying leads is a critical step in any company’s sales process for both the sales team and the prospective client. Without it, your reps could be wasting valuable time on demos for ill-fitting leads who either won’t buy or who inevitably churn after a few months. I’m going to take you through our exact qualification process we employ at Proposify to identify best-fit leads who deserve a demo.

LTV Podcast Episode 22: How to Compensate Saas Reps

How to Compensate Your SaaS Sales Reps

Figuring out how to properly compensate your salespeople is one of the toughest challenges when building a scalable SaaS sales process. In this episode of LTV, Kyle lays out the cold, hard numbers and provides a roadmap for structuring quotas and commissions for SaaS sales reps.