How One-Click Lindsey Uses Content Marketing to Fuel Leads

This week on the Proposify Biz Chat, I interview Lindsey Anderson, AKA One-Click Lindsey. Lindsey is a web strategy expert who works with small businesses to help them grow.

A natural entrepreneur since her days at the lemonade stand, Lindsey is the founder of two businesses, Web Impakt, a web development agency; and, where she and her team work with companies to grow web traffic that converts into leads, and then convert those leads in paying customers.

25 minutes

What it’s about

One-Click Lindsey admits that sometimes content marketing is challenging to do consistently.

“It’s hard to spend a whole afternoon working on something that’s not going to produce money right now, the way working on a web development project might,” says Lindsey.

But Lindsey knows that scheduling the time to create content regularly is as important as any client meeting. In this interview, Lindsey talks about some of the content marketing strategy she uses to attract leads to her business and advise her clients. She also shares some tips on how she lowered her expenses and changed her process to make her agency more profitable.


1. Answer the question

Figuring out the actual content of your content strategy can be challenging. Lindsey suggests it’s as easy as finding out the questions that your target audience is asking, and then answer those questions in blog format, in video, or whatever connects with your tribe. You can find out what questions people are asking by using things like keyword search or niche Facebook groups.

2. It doesn’t matter if it already exists

People often get tripped up when creating content because they think every topic has already been covered, and every issue has been talked about by someone who seems like more of an expert. So what could you possibly offer that’s different?

Lindsey says the difference is YOU. Offer your own unique perspective and spin on a topic in a way that resonates with your audience. Also, keep in mind that while you may be familiar with a particular topic, you could be the first person to introduce it to someone in your tribe.

Just because you know something doesn’t mean everyone knows it. If they’re asking the question, that means they don’t know the answer.

3. Create a ‘Client Farm’

One of the ways Lindsey generates leads for her business is through a foot-in-the-door (FITD) offer of a private membership program.

For the low price of just $50/month, she and her team run a traffic and leads support group, providing advice and resources. This group is where Lindsey nurtures her own leads and ends up harvesting clients, almost like a client farm.

As a result of the advice the members of the group receive, they either succeed in their own business and grow their client base so much that they have to hire Lindsey to help manage it all for them, or they find it’s way too hard to do it themselves and they hire Lindsey and her team. The FITD nurtures leads and builds a community.

4. Content marketing keeps your clients close

By emailing her existing clients once a week with valuable content, her clients don’t have to go elsewhere to find the answers they’re looking for; they know they can rely on One-Click Lindsey. Providing regular content that’s of interest to your clients builds confidence and loyalty, and will deter them from straying because they know you can provide what they need.

Show notes:

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How One-Click Lindsey Uses Content Marketing to Fuel Leads

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