Lead Magnets and the Art of Attraction in Business (plus a special announcement)

On this episode of Proposify BizChat, I talk with digital marketing expert, SEO specialist, and Chief Marketing Officer here at Proposify, Patrick Edmonds. As our resident left brain marketer, Patrick specializes in data, how to drive traffic into a funnel and nurture it towards a sale, and analyzing numbers and customer behaviour patterns to inform tactics.


What it’s about

With a background in marketing, finance and computer science, Patrick Edmonds was an ideal hire to help spike Proposify’s growth. He’s well-versed in SEO, social media, analytics, and as Chief Marketing Officer, he maps the marketing road at Proposify every time Google or Facebook change their algorithms. He’s a whiz at ensuring Proposify is seen and heard from a wide, but focused audience and he’s keeps a keen eye on keeping our growth upwardly mobile.

In this interview, I talk to Patrick about the power of lead magnets to lure people into your sales funnel and introduce them to your product or service.


Lead magnet: Gateway drug to your funnel

If you’ve been in business, you’ve likely come across the word “lead magnet” before, or have implemented one for yourself. But what is a lead magnet? According to Patrick, it’s essentially a way to reach your target audience and lure them into your marketing or sales funnel.

To do so, you coerce your prospective client with a piece of content that is valuable to them. The catch is, you only allow them to see your full offering after they have exchanged their contact information.

Patrick says this is the most effective way to attract and identify qualified users and convert paid customers.

Keep leads coming back for more by being memorable

Patrick says there is a stereotype that lead magnets are just white papers or boring content you only get after downloading a form and completing it.

To move past that stereotype and keep your leads coming back for more, Patrick recommends creating a lead magnet that includes content that is valuable to potential clients, and demonstrates your value.

"Create a lead magnet that is valuable to potential clients, and demonstrates your value."

“The lead magnet should really demonstrate the value proposition of what your product is. You gave them something for free, great, but if it’s not related to what you do, there isn’t as much of a connection for them to remember you.”

Lead Magnet Inspiration

Beyond the standard e-book or case study, Patrick offers some other suggestions for lead magnets that may help lure your target audience to your business:

  • A discount on your product or free trial to your service.
  • A free webinar or educational video content.
  • If you’re an ecommerce business, provide free shipping.
  • Offer exclusive memberships with discounts, extra content, etc.
  • Provide customized reports, audits, and analysis.
  • Set up expert groups in platforms like Facebook and Slack where members can ask questions and benefit from specific industry expertise.

Show notes


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Lead Magnets and the Art of Attraction in Business (plus a special announcement)

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