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Does Every Employee in Your Company Need to Be an ‘A-Player’?

Does Every Employee in Your Company Need to Be an ‘A-Player’?

If hiring only A-Players in a company was actually possible — would you want it?​ That's what Kyle talks about on this episode of Proposify Biz Chat.

“We only hire A-Players”

That’s what Jon Lax, founder of Teehan Lax (acquired by Facebook in 2015), once said to Kyle at a conference.

An A-Player is someone who closely resembles you as the founder. They are driven, passionate, and committed to the company. They embody your core values. They’re versatile and adaptable, jumping into any role at a moments notice and getting done whatever needs to be without complaint. They are excellent at their craft, among the best you’ve ever worked with.

Even if you could hire all A-players, would you want to? Kyle suggests we should stop using terms like A, B, and C-players all-together. Instead look at whether your employees are in the right position, and if they align with your core values. 

Listen to the episode or read the full post on Medium.

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