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Can Your Business Run Without You?

Can Your Business Run Without You?

Mandi Ellefson is a CEO, author, speaker, and advocate for hands-off business success. As founder of The Hands-Off CEO, she leads clients to greater success, life balance, and productivity by helping them free up to 20-50% of their work week. Her international clientele has seen productivity and cost savings gains of up to 67%. She’s co-author of the bestseller, Creating Business Growth, and her upcoming book is called Scale to Freedom.

In this interview, Mandi Ellefson of The Hands-Off CEO talks about how business owners need to add more value to their services so they can charge more; why you need to sell clients on results, not your process; and the hard truth that the reason your business isn’t scaling is because it isn’t profitable enough. Mandi also warns about what happens when a business owner is stuck in the ‘doer’ mode, spending too much time actually doing their service and not enough time growing their business.

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The 7 Biggest Mistakes Service Businesses Make Scaling Up | The Hands-Off CEO

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