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Bizchat Podcast Episode 90: Entrepreneurs think differently about risk

Entrepreneurs Think Differently About Risk

In this episode, Kyle and his Proposify co-founder Kevin Springer talk about whether the perception that entrepreneurs are risk-junkies is accurate, how things that seem risky at first glance—quitting a job to become a freelancer, building a product, hiring your first employee, taking on a gigantic client, taking on investment—usually have bigger advantages than disadvantages, and they share their own process for evaluating risk.

Bizchat Podcast Episode 88: My Founder Chat with Josh Pigford of baremetrics

My Founder Chat with Josh Pigford of Baremetrics

In this interview, Kyle talks about his journey from quiet, artsy kid in high school to founder of Proposify, which is aiming to hit $10M in annual revenue this year. You'll also hear how Proposify started as a side project and went from a year and a half of no growth to doubling customers every month. Plus lots of other interesting bits along the way.

Bizchat Podcast Episode 87: Why I Stopped Doing Guest Interviews

Why I Stopped Doing Guest Interviews

What started as Agencies Drinking Beer and then rebranded to Proposify Biz Chat, this podcast is about to undergo another evolution. (What can we say? We like to keep things fresh.) Host Kyle Racki explains why he's moving away from guest interviews, gets real about the challenges of being a good interviewer, and hints at what's to come.

Bizchat Podcast Episode 86: Can Your Business Run Without You?

Can Your Business Run Without You?

Mandi Ellefson is a CEO, author, speaker, and advocate for hands-off business success. As founder of The Hands-Off CEO, she leads clients to greater success, life balance, and productivity by helping them free up to 20-50% of their work week. Her international clientele has seen productivity and cost savings gains of up to 67%. She’s co-author of the bestseller, Creating Business Growth, and her upcoming book is called Scale to Freedom.

Bizchat Podcast Episode 85: Integrating Profits and Purpose

Integrating Profits and Purpose

Kevin Brown is the co-founder & CEO of Mighty Ally, a marketing agency that helps NGOs and social enterprises prosper. He is a social entrepreneur based in Kampala, Uganda with proven success in growing brands and impacting the greater good. Kevin has held leadership positions in various U.S. agencies, having led strategy and marketing programs for social change makers big and small like Goodwill and LIVESTRONG, and activating brands like Sony and Nike. He served on the board of Nashville’s Impact Hub, won a NEXT Award for Startup of the Year, and was named an Executive Influencer by Billboard Magazine.

Bizchat Podcast Episode 81: The Lost Art of Direct Offers

The Lost Art of Direct Offers

As a copywriter for more than a decade, Dave Greenlee is an expert in helping businesses gain new customers with meticulous copy. He has put that experience to use by writing commanding copy for Ugurus, and now assists nonprofits, ministries, and churches in getting thousands of new visitors each month. In this interview, Dave explains why you shouldn’t be so quick to replace what isn’t broken, the type of reaction you should aim for from direct offers, and what makes a strong elevator pitch.

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