Demystifying Your Market with Competitive Intelligence Software

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kyle and Patrick, Proposify’s growth marketer, interview Jonah Lopin, founder of about the importance of competitive intelligence to your company’s growth.

Agencies Drinking Beer Podcast: Demystifying Your Market with Competitive Intelligence Software


Formerly the VP of customer success at Hubspot, Jonah Lopin founded, a competitive intelligence marketing platform, to help marketing teams be more effective by understanding their external environment and ingesting the right data. As Jonah says, “Lots of marketing teams understand their own funnels and most metrics. But when it comes to understanding outside the four walls of their company, what’s happening in the market, or with competitors, partners, and customers, lots of people have poor visibility and lack the data.”

In this interview, Jonah talks about the importance of understanding what your competitors are saying and doing because your prospects are engaging with your competitors' messages as well. “Your marketing does not exist in a vacuum.” He also urges companies to be more experimental in their marketing.

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