Can Your Agency Adopt A Four-Day Work Week?

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kyle and Kevin interview Felicitas Betzl who runs SERPs Invaders. She explains how she implemented a four day work-week at her remote, multi-lingual agency, and how it's improved employee retention.

Agencies Drinking Beer Episode 12: Can Your Agency Adopt a Four-Day Work Week?


Four years ago, Felicitas Betzl (or, Feli, for short) started Serps Invaders based out of Edinborough Scotland and has recently expanded into Gibraltar Spain.

At less than 10 full-time staff members, Serps Invaders may be small, but they are truly a global business in a number of ways.

For starters, they are a multilingual agency, offering clients SEO, conversion optimization, social media and other marketing services in up to 35 different languages.

The other interesting thing is that the Serps Invaders team is spread out all over the world. Feli allows, even encourages her employees to travel abroad and work remotely. That way people can live where they want to without needing to come into an office every day. (Feli is a big fan of the book Remote: Office Not Required, by Jason Fried)

Feli also started adopting a four-day workweek, where the entire team works longer days Monday to Thursday so they can take Friday off — essentially giving all her employees a three-day weekend every week. Serps Invaders was the first agency in Scotland to do this.

Because of all this, Serps Invaders was recently nominated by The Guardian for the Smart Working Award.

In our interview, Feli explains what it's like managing a four-day week, how they adapt to meet client expectations, hiring and more.

What else we discuss on the show

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  • When should you hire a salesperson in your agency?

Show notes

Can Your Agency Adopt A Four-Day Work Week?

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