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Don't Ignore the Power of Webinars to Close New Business.

Don't Ignore the Power of Webinars to Close New Business.

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kevin and Kyle interview Zach Johnson, CEO of GameChanger Profits. Zach shares some insights as a conversion optimization expert, talks about how software companies and agencies need to better leverage paid advertising, and how webinars can be the key to happiness. (Bonus: Listen closely to hear the sweet sounds of Santa Barbara songbirds in the background)

What we loved about this interview with Zach Johnson, CEO of GameChanger Profits, is how focused he is on the power of a quality, converting sales funnel. And there's good reason for his focus: he and his team design profitable sales funnels for their clients and they have the big beautiful numbers to prove it.

So what makes a profitable sales funnel?

As a conversion optimization evangelist, Zach believes strongly that software companies need to better leverage webinars, and agencies need to better leverage paid advertising - and most companies aren't doing either.

The most popular part of a GameChanger designed sales funnel is the webinar. They work with clients to develop and perfect a webinar that should convert at least 5% of leads into paying customers.

"If you're not converting 5% of your leads right now, you're doing something wrong."

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What makes a webinar so kickass?

According to Zach, it's an intimate and authentic 60-90 minute opportunity to get your customers locked into your offering. As opposed to the time-sucking one-on-one meeting that might not go anywhere, you get to talk to multiple prospects at once and weed out the duds.

Plus it's far easier to get into the webinar game and optimize conversion than it is to develop a beautiful scripted video that sits on your website that you HOPE will drive people to the Contact Us page.

GameChanger Profits also has an interesting, clear-action website. Zach recommends a similar approach to his clients:

  1. Develop multiple sales funnels for each of your lead areas.
  2. Drive traffic to those specific landing pages.
  3. Have a clear call to action on your homepage, preferably a webinar.
  4. Keep your homepage content fresh and update it monthly. Always have a new angle.
"The money is in your metrics"

We asked Zach about the biggest mistake he sees clients making:

"They're not investing in paid advertising. They're not investing in their sales funnel. You could have an endless amount of traffic to your site and easily convert $1 into $3. Your sales funnel is your biggest asset."

Round of applause, please!

GameChanger Profits converts at a whopping 31%. Zach obviously puts his money where his mouth is.

Special Offer for Agencies Drinking Beers Listeners!

Interested in having GameChanger Profits work their magic on your sales funnel? Click this link and enter the coupon code: conversion to waive the regular $100 deposit fee. Then schedule a 60 minute sales funnel critique or strategy session. We'd love to hear about your results!

What are your thoughts on optimizing your sales funnel? Are you ruling the world with your webinar? We'd love to hear about what's working for you and even about the challenges you've come up against.

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