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Managing Bugs, QA, and Client Expectations: The Sifter Story

Managing Bugs, QA, and Client Expectations: The Sifter Story

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer Kevin and Kyle chat with Garrett Dimon, founder of the bug tracker app, Sifter, and author of Starting + Sustaining. We’ve been HUGE longtime fans of Sifter so were super excited to talk with Garrett. He shares how he came to develop Sifter, the challenges of developing a product, and the best ways to deal with the client/bug relationship. Hint: Managing expectations, frequent iterations, and investing in the release process.
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The Proposify Biz Chat is hosted by Kyle Racki, co-founder and CEO of Proposify proposal software. Each week, Kyle chats with friends and special guests about tips and strategies to help entrepreneurs, startups, and agencies grow profitable businesses.

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CEO of @proposify. Product designer and podcaster. Dad to two beautiful boys. Karaoke superstar. Freed cultist. Batman enthusiast. Follow me on Twitter

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