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Should Agencies Respond to RFPs? A Not So Presidential Debate.

Should Agencies Respond to RFPs? A Not So Presidential Debate.

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kevin and Kyle have a friendly debate with Flynt Johnson of Gravitate, a digital agency based in Vancouver, Washington.

Flynt’s been a guest on the podcast before but this time he’s back to debate with Kyle on the pros and cons of the RFP. While Kyle likes the comparison of responding to an RFP with the experience of having a colonoscopy, Flynt feels RFPs get an unfair rap. He believes if done right, RFPs can be a valuable way to bring in solid new business. In the end, Kyle and Flynt find some common ground and share some ideas for how RFPs can be done better.

For more from Flynt, check out the Gravitate Design Blog.

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