How to Transform 'Struggle' to 'Success' in your Web Agency

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kevin and Kyle interview Brent Weaver, CEO at uGurus, based in Denver, Colorado. uGurus helps web professionals become gurus in their own successful businesses.


Brent speaks from the experience of having been in the trenches himself. He ran his own web agency from 2000-2012, but in 2007 Brent realized he really had no idea how to run a business. So out of necessity and desperation he set about to turn things around. Now through uGurus Brent is sharing what he’s learned through a proven system for how web professionals can thrive.

Brent’s got a fantastic offer for all our Agencies Drinking Beer listeners. Check out any of uGuru’s amazing online courses and not only will Brent give you the $200 course for FREE but he’ll also give you a FREE strategy call. All you have to do is email Brent, tell him that you’re an Agencies Drinking Beer listener and which course you’re interested in. Amazing advice, amazing deal!

How to Transform 'Struggle' to 'Success' in your Web Agency

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