Changing Channels: From Radio Host to Inbound Marketer

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kevin and Kyle interview Floyd Peyton, an inbound marketer from Kula Partners, a HubSpot certified agency here in our hometown of Halifax.


Floyd’s had an eclectic career path that led her to inbound marketing at Kula Partners. She was the host of a very popular morning radio show, she’s been a professional MC, she worked as a legal researcher, she studied journalism, and she’s a self-proclaimed hobby scientist who created her own skin and healthcare products. As Floyd jokes, “My career’s been a series of mistakes on the part of whoever was doing the hiring.” In this fun, Seinfeld-esque interview, Floyd talks about what she learned in radio that’s helped her as an inbound marketer and suggests maybe there’s a wizard living across the street from Proposify’s new office. You're probably going to want to start following her on Twitter.

Changing Channels: From Radio Host to Inbound Marketer

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