How One Agency Drives Traffic And Conversion For Product Companies

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kyle and Kevin interview Justin Christianson who runs Conversion Fanatics based in Austin, Texas. He offers us tips on driving marketing and conversion for subscription based businesses, like software and information products.

Agencies Drinking Beer Episode 9: How One Agency Drives Traffic and Conversation for Product Companies


We've all heard of success stories like 37 Signals, where entrepreneurs ran service agencies, bootstrapped a product in-house and then gradually evolved into a full-time product company.

But what about the reverse situation?

It turns out that's exactly the path Justin Christianson took.

Justin built an information product company, grew it and sold it in 2009. When he was deciding where to go next, he found many companies where coming to him for advice on how to maximize their advertising dollars and turn it into profit.

He started consulting for these companies and then met up with a longtime friend who was doing the same kind of thing. At that point they decided to turn their ideas into a systemized process and form an agency together.

A year and a half later, Conversion Fanatics has ten employees made up of strategists, designers and developers, and they service subscription-based business, like software-as-a-service, to help them spend their money in the right places and increase conversion.

The advice Justin offers is similar to many of the best agencies we've interviewed in the past couple of months: find what you're good at and love doing, and double down on that. At first when Justin was offering his company's services to anyone and everyone he wasn't seeing great results.

Once they decided to focus on just subscription companies, the ones they can truly help measure and acheive results, their business began growing at a faster rate.

In the podcast episode, he shares his thoughts on what marketing tactics are working, what aren't, and how product companies can get the most bang for their buck.

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How One Agency Drives Traffic And Conversion For Product Companies

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