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Why Your Business Needs to do Outbound Sales. Period.

Why Your Business Needs to do Outbound Sales. Period.

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kevin and Kyle interview Chris Kinnard, head of business development at Leap Financial, a finance workflow automation platform based in San Francisco.

Many people wonder, “Does my business need outbound AND inbound sales?” As an established sales professional who has also worked with businesses like Kissmetrics and UserTesting before heading up BD at Leap Financial, Chris is a strong believer in the power of outbound sales. In fact, he believes EVERY business should be doing outbound sales, even if you have a good inbound sales process. “If you have a price point that’s high enough to justify a sales team, and that team isn’t spending 6 hours of their day doing demos, then they should be doing outbound - cold calling, cold emailing,” says Chris.

Chris also shares his daily process for generating, qualifying, and following up with leads, and the tools he uses to make it all easier, including LinkedIn, Datanyze, and Yesware.

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