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Proposify makes it easy to create beautiful online proposals that are impossible to ignore. Professional, interactive, and mobile-friendly. Your clients will be so impressed they’ll have no choice but to say yes.

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proposal software features
business proposal features

“Since we started using Proposify, our jobs close rate has literally tripled!”

Pete Sutton

Steve Couch
BIM Designs, Inc

“We have also received many compliments about how well our proposals are laid out and how professional they look.”

Pete Sutton

Pete Sutton
Strategy Director, Saltwater Collective

proposal metrics Metrics & Notifications

Intel that gives you the inside track

Did they open it? Did they read it? Do they like it? Should I follow-up? Not knowing how a client is interacting with your proposal can be agonizing. Our snapshot delivers deal-making details about if, when, and how your client is reviewing your proposal, so you know when to make the next move. We notify each sales rep as soon as their client reads the email, clicks the proposal link, makes a comment, and (most importantly!) accepts the proposal.

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proposal notifications
  1. proposify notifications

    Yesterday 3:41 PM
    Jonny Greenwood viewed your e…

  2. proposal software metrics

    Yesterday 3:45 PM
    Jonny Greenwood viewed your…

  3. proposal software notifications

    Just now
    Congrats! Jonny Greenwood has accepted your proposal for “US Tour Sound & Stage”

proposify metrics


Scope of Services
quoting software Interactive Quoting

Let clients price it right

Banish sticker shock and improve your chances of closing the deal by allowing clients to choose the products, fees, and services they need. Our interactive fee tables let you tailor pricing options, fees, taxes, and discounts for each proposal. With the power to pick their price and a feeling they’ve been given a customized deal, clients will feel consulted, engaged, and ready to do business.

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  1. Bronze
    20 hr/month basic payroll & benefits administration services.


  2. Silver
    40 hr/month basic payroll & benefits admin, enrollment and limited use of integrated information system.


  3. Gold
    40 hr/month basic payroll & benefits admin, enrollment and limited use of integrated information system, 4 employee orientations/year.


  1. Subtotal


  2. Sales Tax 15%


  3. Total


proposal content library Content Library

No more hunting for past proposal content

Organize all your product and service descriptions, case studies, fees, sections, images, and bios in one central library so everyone on your team can find what they need when they need it. It makes snapping together proposals quick and painless.

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fee library
Below is the budget we’ve estimated based on the scope of the services outlined earlier in this proposal. If you have any questions about our pricing or need to increase or decrease the scope of work, please leave a comment and let us know.

Filming, Equipment, and Acquisition


image library


  1. Pricing Disclaimer
  2. Team Bio - Rajnish
  3. Team Bio - Courtney

Fee Library

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  2. Filming Fee


  3. Project Management


  4. Music-Licensing


Image Library

Unsplash Photos

Send it sooner with a time-saving template
Stop reinventing the wheel with every proposal. Create branded templates that your sales reps can use again and again, so all they have to do is customize the details for their next big deal and get it out to the client, before the competition.

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business consulting proposal template
saas proposal template construction bid proposal template
transportation services proposal template electrical services proposal template
proposify signatures E-Signatures

Get 60% faster sign-off

Our easy-to-use online signature tool means clients can sign proposals right away, right in the browser from any device. Add multiple signature lines or initial boxes throughout your proposal when you want to ensure clients have read and approved certain sections. You can track pending signatures and, for added security, each signature is legally binding to protect everyone’s best interests.

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proposify stripe integration

Get paid right away
Our online payment integration lets you request a payment from your client directly in the proposal, so you get paid as soon as they sign off. It also supports 135 currencies, making it easier to collect payments from around the world.

  1. proposal initials


  2. proposify initials


  3. proposal digital signatures

    Leslie Knope

Pawnee Parks & Rec

  1. Leslie Knope
  2. Ron Swanson
  3. Andy Dwyer

Pawnee City Council

  1. Jeremy Jamm
Type Draw

Full Name

Leslie Knope



Change Style

digital signatures


proposal payments
proposal signatures
Sign & Accept
proposal custom fields Custom Fields & Variables

No more manual entry

Eliminate the time-consuming task of customizing proposals by using variables that automatically swap out client name and other specific details. Plus, set up custom fields to populate all the proposal particulars, allowing you to ship and close this deal faster.

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proposify custom fields
Montgomery Burns
123 Energy Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Big Financial
Bart Simpson
Owner & CEO
  1. Client Contact
  2. Client Address
  3. Company Name
  4. User Assigned
Client Input Fields

Get down to business as soon as your deal is done

Get every extra detail you’ll ever need—right in your proposal, right as you close. Custom input forms let clients enter their titles, shipping address, and other information right into their proposal. Say goodbye to pestering your clients, and never let missing details hamstring a project (or payment) again.

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proposal form fields

Grant & Grant Consulting

Re: Vandelay Industries

Company Name

Vandelay Industries

Purchase Order Name

PO 5309


Hi Michael, the start date is subject to change but we can discuss at a later time.

To accept, please sign using the signature button below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me via email at

  1. proposify currency

    Art Vandelay

proposal videos Videos

Add videos to bring your business to life

Including a recorded welcome, a virtual tour of your plant, a product demonstration, or a case study to your proposal will give it the edge over the flat, one-dimensional document from your competition. Embed video from YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia for fast load times and an impressive client experience.

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proposify videos embed videos
proposify languages Languages

Speak their language

These days, business has no borders. That’s why we translate the Proposify interface into 15 different languages, allow you to customize your date format, and choose from a currency list that matches the ISO international standard, and your client’s preference.

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proposal languages
  1. proposify currency

    Art Vandelay

  2. proposal currency

    Jay Peterman

Suported Languages:

  1. Danish Danish (da-DK)
  2. Dutch Dutch (nl-NL)
  3. English - Great Birtain English (en-GB)
  4. English - United States English (en-US)
  5. Finnish Finnish (fi-FI)
  6. French French (fr-FR)
  7. German German (de-DE)
  8. Greek Greek (el-GR)
  9. Hindi Hindi (hi-IN)
  10. Italian Italian (it-IT)
  11. Norwegian Norwegian (nb-NO)
  12. Polish Polish (pl-PL)
  13. Portuguese Portuguese (pt-BR)
  14. Russian Russian (ru-RU)
  15. Spanish Spanish (es-MX)
  16. Swedish Swedish (sv-SE)
proposify chat Comments & Chat

Chat live with your lead, right from your proposal

If your potential client has a question while they’re reviewing your proposal, the faster you can answer it, the better your chances of closing that deal. Proposify’s real-time chat integration allows your lead to reach out to you directly from the proposal so you can address their concerns immediately. By staying in close communication, your deal will never go cold, and your close rate will always be red hot.

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proposal chat
  1. proposify live chat

    Hi Jordan,

    We’re liking this proposal a lot so far! I have some questions about the work schedule and one of the fees…

  2. proposal live chat

    Hey Lukas!

    Glad to hear you’re liking the proposal. I can help you with any schedule or pricing questions you have.

  3. chat widget

    • • •

  4. proposify chat widget
reminders Automatic Reminders

Fortune is in the follow-up

Most deals don’t close themselves; sometimes they need a little nudge to stay top of mind. Schedule a friendly, automated reminder email to go out if the client hasn’t viewed the proposals after a certain amount of time.

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Send my client a reminder email in 2 days.

permissions Permissions

Maintain control and manage your team

Make sure no one on your team goes rogue by setting up roles and assigning permissions, including the kind of access each person has to every area of Proposify, from account settings all the way through to sending a proposal.

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proposal permissions proposify roles
proposify permissions

Sophie Asveld
Account Executive




Inbound Team
General Permissions
  1. Edit account settings

  2. Add / edit / delete streams

proposify ios app Mobile App

Mobile app for deals on the move

Our free Android and iPhone app helps you stay on top of what’s happening with your proposals, any time, anywhere. Now you can send and track proposals, view metrics, and get notifications on the status of your deals all on your mobile device. Know where your sales stand no matter where you’re standing.

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