Meet your Chief Closing Officer

It’s time to give your proposal process a promotion. Proposify is the online software that has the features and functionality your team needs to bring predictability, consistency, and confidence back to the close.

Check out these credentials.

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Content & Brand Management

Protect your assets from inconsistencies and reps going rogue. Create impressive proposals with impactful content and rest assured they will stay accurate and accessible by setting up a solid framework that matches your workflow.

Content Library
Design Editor
Roles & Permissions
CRM Integrations

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Powerful Insights

Proposify removes the black box from the most important stage of your sales process...the close. Get insights needed to understand and scale your process, make timely engagements, and increase accuracy in your forecasting.


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Elevated Client Experience

Make the closing journey easy and one to remember for your prospects. Customize the experience to appeal to their preferences so they can view, engage, and sign documents the way that works best for them.

Electronic Signatures
Interactive Pricing
Client Preview

Content & Brand Management

Content Library

Consistent, organized assets your team can count on

  • Find the full framework to build compelling proposals with a central library of pre-approved templates, images, fees, and content.
  • Organize product descriptions, case studies, sections, and graphics with folders and filters so everyone can find what they need when they need it.
  • Apply mass updates across templates to save the admin lift of manual edits.
organize proposal content in a content library
Design Editor

Flexibility you need for easy edits and amazing design

  • Apply your company's unique style to all of your sales documents. From font family to typestyle, your brand stays on point and ready to impress.
  • Bring your offers to life with videos and images. Easily embed these visual powerhouses in your documents and leave a lasting impression.
  • From fancy to formal, build any document type from proposals and contracts to NDAs and SOWs.
flexible proposal design editor

Protect your deals and the details

  • Stop documents from going out with costly mistakes by defining user roles and applying the parameters that will keep reps most productive.
  • Provide access to only what is needed so reps can design deals faster and the room for (costly) error is drastically reduced.
  • Set approval permissions so you can rest easy that deals won’t hit the client’s inbox without proper sign-off.
define proposal roles and permissions
CRM Integrations

Keep your single source of truth

  • Create, keep track, and close your deals within your CRM.
  • Drive deal automation by connecting your proposals with your single source of truth.
  • Sync your contacts and use custom variables to pre-populate fields in your documents and never miss a detail.
connect your proposals to your crm

The confidence to propose; the control to close

Powerful Insights


Your proposal is ready for its close-up

  • Check out a proposal’s profile and dive deeper into the details so you get the full picture of how it’s performing.
  • Monitor reps' progress from proposal kick-off to sign-off. From edits to internal approvals, you’ll have accountability at every stage.
  • Keep an audit trail for you and your clients' reassurance. Get precise details of when a proposal was sent, viewed, signed, or commented on.
view proposal details and metrics

Understand and analyze prospect interactions

  • Get insights into how prospects are interacting with your proposals and find out what could be costing you the close.
  • Discover which sections are being viewed most often and which should be revisited for a bigger impact.
  • View reports to see what is working best or not working at all for specific teams, document types, and clients.
track proposal views and metrics

Put proposals in their place

  • Find proposals in a few quick clicks with sort and filter options by date, rep, stage, and status.
  • Keep your deals in order and easy to navigate with our Streams feature. You can quickly group deals together based on team, document type, or even region.
  • Create customized dashboards so reps can keep their own deals top of mind.
sort and filer proposals
Notifications & Reminders

Never miss a deal-making beat

  • Get live updates when your deal is getting some attention so you know when to make your next move.
  • Track views, completed payments, sign-offs, and more.
  • Set automatic reminders for follow-up and thanks so prospects continue to feel the love even after the deal is done.
get proposal reminders and notifications

The future is looking much clearer

Elevated Client Experience

Electronic Signatures

Get 32% faster sign-off

Meet your new virtual handshake. You’ve done the heavy lifting and the client is ready to commit, so the sign-off should be a breeze. Even if you don’t know who’s holding the deal’s fate in their hands, you can use unassigned signatures to speed up the process and legally lock it down.

esignatures get 32 percent faster sign-off
Interactive Pricing

Let prospects upsell themselves

Tailor pricing options, fees, taxes, and discounts for each proposal with interactive fee tables. Your prospect will feel empowered to pick their customized price, plus it reduces the back and forth that usually comes with closing a deal.

proposal pricing tables with optional fees and discounts
Client Preview

Match their style

With customized emails and personalized links, your prospect can easily receive and review the proposal in a way that works best for them. If they prefer the old fashioned PDF, that’s OK, too. We don’t judge. Bring prospects into the world of impressive digital deals for more modern presentation and interaction.

present impressive proposal with the client preview

Now you’re talking

These days, business has no borders. That’s why we translate the Proposify interface into 15 different languages, and allow reps to customize date and currencies to meet the prospect’s preference.

create proposals in multiple languages
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Seal the deal with a personal touch