The Closing Show Ep.3: Sales Marketing Alignment

"Sales just spam people all day and just care about closing deals"

"Marketers are just the art department and don't care about revenue"

Too often sales and marketing are at odds with each other when they are really both on the same team and are looking to drive the same outcome.

Here's how we achieved sales and marketing alignment at Proposify and how you can too.

The Closing Show Episode 1: Sales Pods

The Closing Show Ep.1: Sales Pods

Are sales pods right for you?

Traditionally companies have separate departments keeping account executives, outbound SDRs, CSMs, and support reps all removed from each other.

But more tech companies are adopting the Pod model - cross-functional dedicated teams that all share a revenue quota and work together to hit targets.

In this episode, we'll share why we adopted the Pod model at Proposify, how we rolled it out, some challenges along the way, and some tips to get started.