Webinar: How To Win More Proposals with Storytelling

Learn how to use storytelling to make the most exciting proposal your prospect has ever received on this webinar.

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Better stories lead to more proposals.

But…. boring proposals don’t lead to more revenue.

Proposals shouldn’t be boring, instead, you have the opportunity of making them the most exciting proposal they have ever received.

If you think the finish line was getting to the proposal & now you can coast home you are wrong….so wrong.

In fact, Chris Watson believes any company in the world that is still doing the same normal proposals they have always done needs help to continue telling an engaging story even in their proposal. Chris has agreed to join us on this webinar and share his expertise in storytelling and how to use stories to create experiential proposals that close.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Communicate that you understand the buyer’s goals & obstacles

  2. Align solutions to help them achieve their desired outcomes

  3. Position your solution as an investment instead of a cost

  4. Create an experiential proposal crafting a future partnership

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    Hosted by

    Patrick Edmonds Headshot

    Patrick Edmonds

    CMO, Proposify

    As a seasoned marketer and CMO of Proposify, Patrick is 100% growth-focused. He likes to get his hands dirty digging deep into the data, learning about customer behaviour, and how to use that for business growth. He’s always excited to share insights from analyzing over 3 million proposals, and how you can use that information to scale your sales and hit your growth targets.

    Chris Watson

    Founder, Craft & Compel. Strategic Story Coach. Author of Earn Your Story

    Chris Watson is an expert at using strategic storytelling skills in sales to compel people, prospects, and partners to convert. Chris works with Sales Rebellion as a Strategic Sales & Storytelling Expert, he is the Founder of Craft & Compel, Podcast host of Story Hooked, and is the author of Earn My Story. Chris is obviously passionate about storytelling and wants to share how you can use storytelling in proposals, and get more people to say “yes”.