Are Your Proposals Killing Your Deals?

Discover How to Breathe Life Back Into Your Sales on our Webinar: “The Proposal Stats Your Sales Team Needs To Save Their Next Deal”


Let’s be real. Even the most seasoned sellers struggle to create winning proposals. Your reps may think they‘ve got the deal locked down, only to watch it go dead the second they hit send.

Was the proposal too long? Were there enough images? Should they have sent it at a different time? It’s impossible to know, and that leaves your team flailing (and your competition swooping in for the kill).

It’s time to bury your guesswork sales documents for good. And Proposify CMO Patrick Edmonds wants to show you how.

As the leading online business proposal software, we dug into our database of 1.6 MILLION proposals. Now, Patrick’s itching to share all the juicy trends, hidden tips, and best practices of the most kick-ass (and kick-your-competition-to-the-curb) proposals.

Don’t miss out on this industry-leading insight. Save your seat now.

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Patrick Edmonds Headshot

Patrick Edmonds

CMO, Proposify

As seasoned digital marketer, and CMO of Proposify, Patrick is 100% growth focused. He likes to get his hands dirty digging deep into the data, learning about customer behaviour, and how to use that for business growth. He is excited to share the insights from analyzing over 1.6 million proposals, and how you can use that information to scale your sales and hit your growth targets.