Get Your Proposal Workflow Flowing: How to Streamline Your Sales Docs and Bypass Bottlenecks

On this webinar, you'll learn how to untangle your complicated and time-consuming proposal creation process and turn it into a sales-doc-slinging, bottleneck-blasting workflow that actually works for your team.

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How many steps does your sales doc creation workflow have? 15? 20? More? Who knows???

That’s dangerous, because a bloated workflow and the doc creation chaos it creates will have your sales team adding their own step to the process—job hunting. How can you streamline and speed up your workflow while maintaining quality and consistency?

In this webinar, we'll show you how to turn a 40-step process into an 8-step one and avoid any document-delaying, deal-killing bottlenecks along the way.

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lauren dentremont

Lauren d'Entremont

Blog Manager, Proposify

A Canadian Business Media Awards winner, Lauren has spent 10+ years writing for and editing business and trade publications, including the Proposify blog, and FranchiseCanada, FranchiseVoice, and Atlantic Books Today magazines.