Sign, Seal, and Deliver More with 6 New Free Business Proposal Templates!

Whether you’re crunched for time, or have a lot riding on your next win, we know that creating proposals can be stressful. Let us take some of the pressure off your shoulders with six new free business proposal templates!

Brand new free templates for business proposals

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The leaves are changing colours; the air is getting crisp – fall is all about making changes and starting fresh. That’s why we’re giving you six new, FRESH, business proposal templates to help you close your next deal.

(Did you just get as excited as you got picking out new shoes and a backpack for school? Thought so.)

No one likes being in a time-crunch, especially when you’re trying to get a proposal ready and making sure it looks impressive. We have more than 50 professionally written and designed proposal templates for an array of services, industries, and projects to choose from. Get sending, and never worry about writer’s block again!

Our latest templates are for services like: workshops, professional speakers, security, executive coaching, content marketing, and commercial leasing.

Our business proposal templates provide suggestions for layout and copy, but if it doesn’t quite fit your needs or your brand, change it up! All of our templates are 100% customizable, including text, layout, design, and images.

We know that when it comes to proposals, timeliness can make or break the deal. To keep you closing faster, our proposals feature the ability to add legally binding online signatures, making it easier for you, and your client to seal the deal.

Getting the signature isn’t everything though. Once you’ve created your proposal, sent it off, and your client has signed it, you obviously want to get paid. Thanks to our integration with Stripe, you can request a payment from your client right in the proposal, making cash flow seamless. Create, send, sign, and GET PAID in one fell swoop (cha-ching!).

Time is money, so stop wasting yours (and your sanity) getting tangled up in boring Word docs when you could be creating beautiful, client-pleasing proposals in record time. Check out our full gallery of proposal templates to get started.


Workshop Proposal Template

Professional development companies can use our workshop proposal example to guide them through preparation of workshop training proposals, including sections for objectives, outcomes, and testimonials. This workshop proposal template includes sections that highlight your expertise in the professional development industry, and what you provide to clients, including analysis and assessment, training materials, implementation and delivery of workshops, and evaluation of workshops. Check out our workshop proposal template.


Speaker Proposal Template

Professional speakers will find this speaking proposal example helpful when preparing quotes for public appearances and keynote speaking engagements. This proposal sample features sections that include information about the speaker, your level of communication with your client prior to and following their event, and what is provided to the client during the event. There are also sections to highlight speaking services, any event promotion you will assist your client with, and terms and conditions specific to your company or speaker. Check out our speaker proposal template.


Security Proposal Template

This security proposal template helps illustrate your philosophy and your expertise as a security service. Showcase the full range of security guard services you provide, examples of technology you use, and testimonials. Also, provide your client with a thorough description of their plan, including customized or standard plans, site security analysis, plan presentation, and implementation. Check out our security proposal template.


Executive Coaching Proposal Template

Companies and certified business coaches who provide executive coaching can pitch objectives, deliverables, and their process with our executive coaching proposal template. Explain how your business coaching works, your process from consultation to implementation, and provide clients with a detailed timeline. This executive coaching contract template also features sections for what you provide, what you will need provided from your client, fees and any specific terms and conditions you have.  Check out our executive coaching proposal template.


Content Marketing Proposal Template

If you’re a marketing agency, content creator, or freelancer that provides writing services, our content marketing proposal sample will provide a clear guide for pitching your services. Highlight design and implementation processes, provide examples of analytics and reporting available, and outline your strategy for preparing a full plan for your client. Explain how documenting opportunities and obstacles, along with initiating a content marketing strategy can aid in increasing online business, and provide a clear timeline for your client.  Check out our content marketing proposal template.


Commercial Lease Proposal Template

Commercial leasing companies can pitch their process, including initial consultation, search and viewing of commercial real estate, and lease agreements to potential clients with our commercial lease proposal template. Explain your objectives, reputation in the community, and how you work with your client every step of the way. This commercial leasing proposal sample also provides sections for proposed investment from your client, and any terms and conditions specific to their agreement.  Check out our commercial lease proposal template.

Sign, Seal, and Deliver More with 6 New Free Business Proposal Templates!

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