The Busy Sales Team’s Guide to Optimized LinkedIn Content [Infographic]

LinkedIn is 2.7x more effective for generating leads than other social media channels. But if your LinkedIn social selling strategy stops at Navigator and InMail, your sales team might be wasting their time. In this infographic guide, Team Proposify shares the tips and tricks we used to increase our total LinkedIn engagement 3000% by quickly creating and promoting more optimized content and building more real connections.

linkedin guide for sales

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Is your sales team doing social selling and personal brand building on LinkedIn?

If you answered yes, what does it look like?

A shared video here, a comment there?

An inspirational post about #hustling when they hit quota?

Or, on your team, is ‘social selling’ just code for ‘sending lots of untargeted, impersonal InMail messages’?

Here’s that case of spam you ordered.

What’s holding your team back from embracing LinkedIn for personal brand building, awareness, lead nurturing and, yes, selling?

Maybe they don’t know what to talk about so they end up writing bad ‘broetry’ (exactly like how this post has been structured) that doesn’t resonate with your target personas.

Maybe figuring this stuff out takes too much time, time that your sales team should be using to sell. But LinkedIn content is too important for sales (and marketing) to ignore.

How is LinkedIn useful for sales?

To start, there are 40 million decision-makers on LinkedIn. Research has shown it’s nearly three times more effective at generating leads than Facebook or Twitter.

And here’s the kicker: content published on LinkedIn generates 9 billion impressions a week but only about one percent of active users are creating content on a regular basis.

That means there’s a BIG audience on there with not as much competition for their attention.

The sales and marketing teams here at Proposify have seen the opportunities in this firsthand. Over the past year, we’ve focused on LinkedIn as a lead generation and nurturing hub.

What we did:

  • We diversified our content to have a better mix of educational and promotional posts.
  • We increased our publishing frequency, consistency, and quality.
  • We optimized it all for the LinkedIn algorithm.
  • And we made it a point to interact more with other LinkedIn users in an authentic way.

The outcome?

  • Organic follower count went up 300 percent.
  • Total impressions went up 300 percent.
  • And total engagement increased by 3000 percent year-over-year.

Here’s how your sales team can go after similar results without spending a ton of valuable selling time creating content for LinkedIn. Plus, our infographic guide has tips for success straight from our sales team: Daniel, our Director of Sales, and account executives Ryan and Scott.

It’s our cheat sheet to making your team’s LinkedIn content work harder for you. All the benefits without all the work? Now that’s true #hustle.

The Busy Sales Team’s Guide to Optimized LinkedIn Content [Infographic]

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