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a remote sales teams working on proposal content

What’s the Best Proposal Content Management Strategy for Remote Sales Teams?

How can you improve collaboration in your remote sales team’s proposal creation process—without creating a free-for-all? How can you increase productivity without losing control of the end product? I’m outlining the three most common proposal content management strategies for remote teams and franchises and how to implement the only one that offers organization, scalability, and insight.
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the hidden cost of sales collaboration

The Hidden Costs of Collaboration: Proposals, Productivity, and Slack

Slack is a powerful business collaboration tool. If used incorrectly, however, dangers lurk within its emoji-filled channels that can take your sales team from :rocket: :dart: :champagne: to :chart_with_downwards_trend: :person_facepalming:‍♀️ :shit:. Here’s how to keep Slack from killing your close rate AND strengthen your proposal collaboration process at the same time.
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