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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Winning Proposal Conversion Strategy

Sending out proposals and hoping for the best is a common approach, but it’s not the most effective. If the client says no (or worse, if they don’t say anything at all), it can be hard to pinpoint where things went wrong. Having a strategy behind your proposal takes the guesswork out of things, and sets you up for crafting proposals that are much more likely to seal the deal.

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6 Ways to Stop Wasting Time and Start Increasing Sales Productivity

Finding time in your work week to prospect new leads, complete follow-up tasks, hit your sales targets, and feel like you came out on top without a scratch can sometimes feel impossible. If you feel like you need more time in your week but you can’t seem to find it, chances are you’re not looking in the right places. With a few pointers on how to stop wasting time, you’ll be crushing sales in no time (pun intended)!

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