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a remote sales teams working on proposal content

What’s the Best Proposal Content Management Strategy for Remote Sales Teams?

How can you improve collaboration in your remote sales team’s proposal creation process—without creating a free-for-all? How can you increase productivity without losing control of the end product? I’m outlining the three most common proposal content management strategies for remote teams and franchises and how to implement the only one that offers organization, scalability, and insight.
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a simplified sales workflow

Why You Need to Simplify Your Sales Doc Workflow

How many steps does your sales doc creation workflow have? 15? 20? More? Who knows??? That’s dangerous, because a bloated workflow and the doc creation chaos it creates will have your sales team adding their own step to the process—job hunting. Here’s why and how you should fix your cumbersome process now.
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a sales team being bottlenecked

7 Ways to Knock Out Your Sales Doc Workflow Bottlenecks Now

Is part of your sales doc process punching the lights right out of your sales team’s productivity? Here’s how to find out what’s dragging your workflow down, change up the process to something that actually works for everyone, and get high-quality proposals, contracts, sell sheets and other sales docs in front of prospects faster.
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the hidden cost of sales collaboration

The Hidden Costs of Collaboration: Proposals, Productivity, and Slack

Slack is a powerful business collaboration tool. If used incorrectly, however, dangers lurk within its emoji-filled channels that can take your sales team from :rocket: :dart: :champagne: to :chart_with_downwards_trend: :person_facepalming:‍♀️ :shit:. Here’s how to keep Slack from killing your close rate AND strengthen your proposal collaboration process at the same time.
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example of two sides of b2b sales

Is Friction an Ally or an Enemy in B2B Sales?

For prospective customers, sales friction can propel a B2B sale towards a close or stop the buying journey before it can build any momentum. For sales reps, then, it’s a friend AND an enemy. Here’s how to use both the push and pull of friction to supercharge your sales process.
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