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Efficiency in your proposal process

How Proposal Software Can Help Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Almost every sales team has inefficiencies that clog up their sales pipeline. Some teams are slow at writing proposals, while others spend too much time chasing down info from their product teams or searching for the right version of the proposal document. Sound familiar?

We get it. The sales cycle is complicated and there’s plenty of room for error, so there’s no judgment if your process isn’t perfect. But that doesn’t mean that you should learn to live with your inefficiencies, especially when there’s a solution that can help you avoid them: proposal software.

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consultants working remotely on a proposal

Working Remotely: 5 Tips and Tools to Keep Your Business Proposals on Track

Remote work has increased more than 1.5x since 2005 and, especially in light of recent events, this trend shows no sign of slowing down. In this post, I’m sharing five ways to keep your proposal process productive no matter where your sales team is signing on from, plus members of Team Proposify weigh in with their top tips for working from home.

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a remote sales teams working on proposal content

What’s the Best Proposal Content Management Strategy for Remote Sales Teams?

How can you improve collaboration in your remote sales team’s proposal creation process—without creating a free-for-all? How can you increase productivity without losing control of the end product? I’m outlining the three most common proposal content management strategies for remote teams and franchises and how to implement the only one that offers organization, scalability, and insight.
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a simplified sales workflow

Why You Need to Simplify Your Sales Doc Workflow

How many steps does your sales doc creation workflow have? 15? 20? More? Who knows??? That’s dangerous, because a bloated workflow and the doc creation chaos it creates will have your sales team adding their own step to the process—job hunting. Here’s why and how you should fix your cumbersome process now.
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a sales team being bottlenecked

7 Ways to Knock Out Your Sales Doc Workflow Bottlenecks Now

Is part of your sales doc process punching the lights right out of your sales team’s productivity? Here’s how to find out what’s dragging your workflow down, change up the process to something that actually works for everyone, and get high-quality proposals, contracts, sell sheets and other sales docs in front of prospects faster.
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