New Feature Alert! Impress Prospects With Proposify’s New Presentation Mode

Leverage the assets you already have in Proposify to create attention-grabbing sales presentations in a snap.

impress prospects with a proposal presentation

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You and your team count on Proposify for beautiful sales documents that save you time and impress the heck out of clients.

Now, we’re helping you make your sell even more impressive, with a new update that lets you present sales documents in beautiful, fullscreen display, directly from Proposify.

We call it presentation mode. And it gives you the flexibility to pull together high-impact sales presentations with the same speed and ease as you do your proposals.

It also lets you level up your proposal game, by giving you the tools to present them to prospects with that same fullscreen experience.

Presentation mode is simple to use, and it's the perfect way to up your sales games. I can’t wait for you to see it in action, so let’s dive right in and get to the details.

Perfect for Presentations of All Types

With presentation mode, your team can quickly snap together high-impact disco decks, pitches, and sales talks by building them right in Proposify, and then bringing them to life in eye-catching fullscreen presentations.

Building your presentation inside Proposify means you draw on the sames sales collateral you use for your proposals. So you can skip the hassle of uploading assets into an outside program, and still get a pitch that looks as sharp as your proposals.

Presentation mode works with the sales documents you already have in Proposify, too. Use it to add extra impact to a proposal by taking your prospect through it in fullscreen mode.

This is especially useful because all of Proposify’s interactive features still work when your document is in presentation mode. We’re talking dynamic fee tables, client input forms, even signature and initial fields.

(Pro tip: Presentation mode makes the biggest impact with landscape-mode documents. Design yours with this in mind).

How to Get Started (Plus Free Presentation Templates!)

To use presentation mode, start by logging in to Proposify and previewing your document. You’ll notice a new “presentation mode” button at the top right of your screen, which you can click to launch your document in fullscreen.

The bottom bar, table of contents, and extra buttons will all disappear, leaving you with a clean, professional deck that puts all your prospect’s focus directly on your message.

You can cycle through slides using the arrow keys on your keyboard (and close your presentation with the escape key), so it’s simple to keep your presentation running smoothly.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a few professionally designed presentation templates to give you a better feel for how to make the most of this new feature. Just click any of the images below to see the full template.

These templates are specially designed to help you create decks that use presentation mode to its full effect, so we encourage you to test one out today. And of course, like everything in Proposify, they’re completely customizable.

Get started with a template now by heading to the Proposify template library and choosing one of our new presentation templates.

Spend Time on Prospects, Not Presentations

A good sales presentation is one of the best ways to hook your prospects. Nail it and they’re usually happy to follow you the rest of the way through the sales funnel.

With presentation mode you can make sure your presentations are fluid, impressive, and most importantly, virtually painless to put together.

If you want some more detailed information on presentation mode, a full guide is waiting for you in the Proposify knowledge base.

Or, log in to your Proposify account now take presentation mode for a spin. Create a new presentation in just a few minutes, or load up one of your current sales documents to see the feature in action right away.

New Feature Alert! Impress Prospects With Proposify’s New Presentation Mode

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