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How Centralizing Your Proposal Management Will Transform Your Sales

When you think of your team creating proposals, chances are, you're thinking of each component separately. They create the proposal, write it, design it, send it, the prospect reads it, that activity is tracked, and hopefully, the process ends with signing.

Compartmentalizing proposals that way may lead your team to use different solutions for each component. Word for the text. Canva for the design. Adobe for delivery. Docusign for, well, signing. Everything is in a different location, everyone is doing things differently, and your process and branding—and most painfully, your sales—are suffering for it.

At Proposify, we believe the solution isn't just a change in product, but a change in mindset, from simply creating proposals to implementing a full proposal management system. That's exactly what Proposify is—an end-to-end solution that centralizes and standardizes the entire process to increase efficiency at every stage of the sale.

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Winning Proposals: 5 Data-Driven Ways to Create Them

You and your sales team already know everything winning proposals contain. Or do you? Some of it's common sense, of course: a solution, deliverables, and the ever-important pricing.

But writing winning proposals requires going the extra mile for prospects. It means anticipating questions and preemptively offering answers, and doing it all more quickly than your competitors.

The better your team gets at doing this, the more deals they'll close.

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Top 10 Loopio Alternatives: Boost Your RFP Response Process

The efficiency and effectiveness of your team's request for proposal (RFP) response process can make or break their closing rate. One way to ensure every RFP receives a response on time, every time, is by using software to streamline workflows and automate processes. One option is Loopio.

Loopio is a cloud-based software platform that's designed to simplify the process of responding to RFPs. With features like collaboration tools, integration capabilities, and automation, it's been a go-to for many organizations seeking to improve their RFP responses.

However, every business has unique needs, and what works for one might not be the best fit for another. For this reason and many others, your team may wish to explore Loopio competitors that might better align with their specific requirements.

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Automate your proposal process with Proposify

How Proposal Automation Can Streamline Your Sales Process

How is your sales team creating and sharing proposals right now? Word documents? PDFs? That probably means they're creating every new proposal from scratch, taking up a lot of time they could be spending finding new prospects and closing new deals.

There's an easier way. Proposal automation can streamline the sales process from beginning to end, saving your team time and standardizing the way they create and send proposals. It's the solution you didn't know they needed.

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Franchise proposal process

Top 5 Bottlenecks in Your B2B Franchisee Proposal Process and How to Overcome Them

Franchisees are on the frontline of your business.

They form the barrier between customers and your brand—and obviously, you want them to represent your tone of voice, values, and pricing the right way. When they do this, you make more money.

But the more franchisees you add to the mix, the more it can feel like herding cats. One franchisee might run full steam ahead in one direction, and another might go rogue down an entirely different road.

To get them back on the same path (and avoid diluting your brand), it’s human nature to try and take back the reins. You can do this by personally reviewing every single proposal or overseeing each step of the proposal process in minute detail… but do you want to spend your time micromanaging the people you’ve trusted to expand your business?

Sure, checking and approving every individual proposal might slap a band-aid over the immediate problem, but it’s not a long-term fix. It might feel like you’re creating some semblance of consistency and control. But, in reality, you’re just adding obstacles that can force the entire proposal process to grind to a halt.

Here are some of the most common bottlenecks we see in the B2B franchisee proposal process and how you can overcome them.

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Brand image

Are Franchisee Proposals Killing Your Brand?

You already know how a compelling and cohesive brand is critical to the success of your B2B franchise and you ensure it’s consistent across all touch points of your business. Or, almost all touch points…what about the proposals your franchisees are sending out to prospective customers?

Often neglected, proposals act as the Chief Closing Officer for your franchise’s services — they represent you, your business, your services, and your reputation. Rogue franchisee proposals are everywhere, potentially damaging your brand right under your nose. Meanwhile, a fragmented or inconsistent sales experience dilutes customer confidence—lowering sales and leaving franchise owners wondering what happened.

When you take control of your franchisees’ proposals and ensure they’re always on brand, you can build up trust, boost closing rates, and keep customers coming back for more.

In this guide, we dive into common proposal mistakes that may be killing your brand. Plus we cover the strategies and software you need to take control once and for all.

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How to add electronic signatures to any document

How to Create an Electronic Signature & E-sign Your Documents

In theory, e-signatures should be quick and easy.

But if you’re the one sending the documents, then you need to do all of the setup work. (And that’s where things get complicated.)

If you need to add an electronic signature to a document, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to collect e-signatures on your proposals, PDFs, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word documents.

We cover a variety of e-signing methods so you can choose the right one for your use case and make sure your legal bases are covered.

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Graphic depicting two people using eSignatures in Word

How to Insert a Signature in Word [4 Simple Methods]

Are you tired of printing out documents just to add your signature?

Well, you're in luck.

Today we're diving into four super easy methods to add a signature to your documents without the hassle of pens, paper, printer ink, scanners, and the like.

We've got some smart tricks up our sleeves, with signing methods that will work for any use case.

Need to sign a document for personal reasons? Methods 1 and 2 are totally free.

Need to collect a legally binding signature on a business contract? Skip to Methods 3 and 4

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Graphic showing increased success when writing grant proposals

Step-By-Step Guide to Writing a Grant Proposal

Writing a grant proposal is incredibly time-consuming.

No joke. It's one of the most complicated documents you could write in your entire life.

There are different requirements, expectations, and formats—not to mention all the prep work you need to do, like market research and clarifying your project timeline.

Depending on the type of company or organization you represent and which grants you’re applying for, your grant could run anywhere from a dozen to a hundred pages. It’s a lot of work, and we’re here to help.

In this guide to grant proposals, we offer writing steps and examples, as well as resources and templates to help you start applying for funding right away.

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Qwilr Alternatives

Top 15 Qwilr Alternatives in 2024: Proposal & E-Signature Tools

Qwilr is a platform for creating and sending proposals that can be used by sales teams, marketers, customer success managers, and recruiters.

And while there are several different use cases that Qwilr succeeds at, it does have some serious downfalls that can really affect the speed of your proposal workflow and your closing rates.

In this article, we cover why it’s worth switching to a Qwilr alternative, what to look for in your next proposal tool, and the top options to consider.

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