New Feature Alert! Streamline Your Proposal Process With Streams

In our never-ending quest to bring peace and order to the world of proposals, we’re excited to introduce our newest feature (and your newest secret weapon in the battle for business), Streams!

streamlining proposal processes like coffee drips

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Think of Streams like a sleek five-drawer filing cabinet within your pipeline. Streams gives you control over how you organize your pipeline, more accurate metrics, and a clearer picture of your sales.

You can set up a Stream to manage signed contracts, SOWs, internal memos, or other supplementary proposal documents that aren’t necessarily part of your sales pipeline.

Major metrics

The other cool thing about this new feature is that you can filter metrics by Stream, giving you a more accurate snapshot of what’s happening with all your documents.

Great integrations

Streams also integrates with the business apps you have hooked up to Proposify. For each integration, you can choose which Streams will automatically create a new deal or opportunity when a new document is added to that Stream.

Contract templates

In addition to our 30+ ready-to-go business proposal templates, we just added two contract templates to help you get started. One is an employment contract and one is a project contract. Just like our proposal templates, you can customize the contracts to fit your particular terms (but don’t forget to have a lawyer look them over!) You can find the contract templates in the template gallery.

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to Streams, our dev team whipped up two other features for your proposal pleasure.

Favourite your favs

This fun little feature lets you prioritize your business proposals by clicking the star next to the proposal title. Then if you want to only view your favourited proposals, you filter them by clicking the star at the top and they’ll line up like loyal warriors ready to close deals and take over the world.

This feature works on an individual basis, so everyone your team can have their own favourites. 

A more accurate pipeline

We’ve heard from customers that they want to keep their sales pipeline just for proposal documents with actual revenue value, proposals with fee tables. Previously, if you had a non-revenue document in your pipeline like a contract or a statement of work, its zero dollar amount skewed sales numbers.

Now, only your business proposals with fee tables will show a value in your sales pipeline so you get a more accurate picture of projected revenue.

And if you have Streams, you can set one up for things with zero dollar value, like signed contracts.

Streams are Streaming at a Proposify Account Near You!

Streams were launched as of Monday, May 1st so the next time you log into your Proposify account, you’ll see a quick intro that will walk you through Streams.

For more details, be sure to check out our Knowledge Base for videos and articles on the best way to go-with-the-flow of Streams.

New Feature Alert! Streamline Your Proposal Process With Streams

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