How To Be A Featured (and Fabulous) Podcast Guest

This week on Proposify Biz Chat, I talk with Jessica Rhodes, founder and CEO of Interview Connections, a guest booking agency for podcasters and guest experts. She’s also the author of Interview Connections: How to Rock the Podcast From Both Sides of the Mic. As both a podcaster and occasional podcast guest myself, I was curious to hear Jessica’s take on the power of podcasts for business owners.


What it’s about

According to Jessica Rhodes of Interview Connections, there’s a lot of value for business owners, especially agency owners, to try to book guest spots or start their own podcasts. “People are going to work with agencies that feel like they have a personal connection with, so by going on podcasts, you’re creating those connections,” says Jessica. Podcasts are hot right now, and while anyone can get started with their own podcast, not everyone is good at it. And that’s where Jessica comes in. In this interview, she shares her tips for how to get started as a podcast guest so hosts will want to interview you, and how to be an excellent, in-demand guest.


1. Create your own content

Podcasters want guests who have valuable content to share with their audience, and who are actual credible experts in their field. If you want to book spots on podcasts, start by writing a blog, creating videos, and putting out valuable information to your community to demonstrate that you’re an expert. That will help you be a more attractive guest to a podcast host.

2. Promote yourself as a media guest

If you want to be a featured guest on a podcast, you need to put yourself out there as a media guest. A media guest has a press presence - a press page on your website with your bio, your photo, suggested questions people could ask you. Be sure to include links to any of your other interviews as podcast guests want to see you have experience.

3. Show Gratitude

It may sound simple but Jessica says a little gratitude goes a long way. When you’re booked on a show, say thank you. A podcast has no room for your ego.

4. Get a good mic and learn how to use it

Nothing kills a good podcast faster than bad audio. If you’re serious about being a featured podcast guest, get yourself a decent mic and learn how to talk into properly. Experiment with it before each show to make sure it’s working and your voice sounds good.

5. You’re there to provide value, not sell yourself

You’re a guest on a podcast to provide value to the host's audience so content needs to be your #1 priority. You are not there to sell or benefit personally. Learn about the host, what their podcast is about, who their audience is, and then tailor your answers accordingly. Don’t pitch your product or talk about your book every other answer.

6. Start small

Interviewing is a skill you need to develop, and being a good guest is also a skill. Go on some smaller podcasts to start and work on your interviewee skills so you can practice and train for bigger appearances.

Show Notes:

Get a free paperback copy of Jessica’s new book, Interview Connections: How to Rock the Podcast From Both Sides of the Mic here.

How To Be A Featured (and Fabulous) Podcast Guest

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