How We’ve Improved Our Product Management Process at Proposify

In this episode of Proposify Biz Chat, Proposify co-founder and CEO, Kyle Racki, and our Chief Product Officer, Ricky Ferris, chat about product management process, and why you need to review, reiterate, and change to make your product better.


As Proposify’s CPO, Ricky Ferris shapes the product vision and defines strategies and action plans to fulfill that vision. Through Proposify’s growth, Ricky has learned different approaches that have made our product management process smoother.

In this episode Kyle and Ricky discuss the “big rock” theory for setting goals and increasing focus, how research and planning are the backbones of organization, and why you should talk to your customers first before coming up with a solution to their problems. They also talk about why you should revisit problems you’ve had in the past, how to schedule product updates within your team, and how transparency with your team about future goals can help you push through phases of projects faster.

How We’ve Improved Our Product Management Process at Proposify

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