How Meghan McKenzie Writes Content That Wins Enterprise Clients

Meghan McKenzie is the Enterprise Content Manager at Crowd Content, a content creation platform that produces publish-ready content through thousands of qualified writers. Having spent years in account management, programmatic demand-side platforms (DSPs), and affiliate marketing, Meghan learned each niche from the inside out. She now has more than a decade of experience in digital and content marketing.


In this interview, Meghan talks about how to use content to nurture leads that are already in your sales funnel, and what types of content you should produce for each stage of the buyer’s journey. She also breaks down what she includes in all of her Crowd Content proposals that has helped her win enterprise clients like 3M, WordPress, and Lowe's.


Nurture leads that are already in your sales funnel

Nurturing leads that are already in your sales funnel is important; it reminds them that you’re still there, you’re paying attention to their needs, and that you value their business.

Meghan says a strong, but not aggressive email campaign that offers value will engage qualified leads in your sales funnel. It shows them you understand their pain points, and highlights the solutions you have produced to relieve them. Content like this can form an emotional connection between the client and your company, and inspire them to continue on the buyer’s journey.

Customize content for the stages of your sales funnel

Your leads will be interested in different types of content depending on which stage of the buyer’s journey they are in. To target each of your leads effectively, break down your content into three sections: top of funnel, middle of funnel, and bottom of funnel.

For top of funnel, Meghan suggests sharing industry-focused blogs that are not heavily branded, podcasts, and webinars.

With middle of funnel leads, Meghan recommends focusing on fact sheets, data sheets, white papers, and a demo video that references a story or unnamed case study that show leads how you’ve helped your clients find success.

For bottom of funnel, Meghan focuses on consultation, different pieces that give a more in-depth look into how you’ve solved a client’s problem, and suggests sending them samples of your work. This can be a free writing sample or free trial of your product.

Include strong case studies to win proposals

To win over enterprise-size clients like 3M and Lowe’s, Meghan says you need to personalize your proposal beyond just the scope of work, price, and signature line.

Buyers want to see that you are credible and legitimate. Meghan suggests including a case study about a similar size client in their industry. She also includes sample pieces of content in each of their verticals, a thorough fact sheet describing Crowd Content’s production process, and how they will meet their client’s needs.

“If your main point of contact is not the final decision maker, you need to be able to provide them bite-sized pieces of information that are quantitative and easily deliverable, so they can give it to their boss and say, ‘This is the right choice. This is how we’ve performed with them so far, and this is why they’re valuable to us.'”

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How Meghan McKenzie Writes Content That Wins Enterprise Clients

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