Live from T&C: DigitalMarketer’s Marcus Murphy Explains How Honesty, Being Present, and Partnerships Create Success

Marcus Murphy is the director of sales and monetization for DigitalMarketer, which hosts the Traffic and Conversion Summit for marketers each year. Leading an umbrella department for sales, customer success, business development, partner programs and channels, and strategic partnerships, Marcus helps restore, teach, and uplevel sales professionals.


In this interview, Marcus explains how reading the crowd can improve your public speaking skills, why it’s more important to be present than to take notes at conferences, and why you need an agency partner.


Get the audience on your side

You can prepare all you want for an important speech or presentation, but unless you’re speaking in front of big crowds every day, you’re probably going to feel nervous.

To improve your public speaking skills, Marcus suggests taking a note from stand-up comedians. Research how they pace themselves based on how the crowd is reacting and how they’re reading the room.

Marcus also stresses that it’s important you’re honest with the crowd. If you’re nervous and think your voice may start to sound shaky, tell them up-front. This will manage their expectations, get the crowd on your side, and put your mind at ease, allowing you to focus on your timing.

Forget taking notes at conferences; be present instead

When you’re attending a conference, it can be easy to think you need to write down absolutely everything you hear at keynote speeches or presentations.

While the information you’re hearing is likely great, not everything that’s said will be something you can take away and put into practice. Rather than trying to capture the speaker’s every word, or taking pictures of every slide, Marcus suggests being present. Focusing on one or two points that you can apply to your business will be more fruitful for you.

Find an agency partner

More often than not, agencies tend to be a bit cagey, preferring to be solitary because they view all other agencies as a competitor. Although it’s common to be an isolationist in the agency world, Marcus says you need to tear down the walls because agencies need each other.

Partnering with other agencies provides you with a community of people to bounce ideas off of, to vent with, and to find inspiration from. A really great agency partner can balance you and point out your blind-spots, helping you grow your business faster.

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Live from T&C: DigitalMarketer’s Marcus Murphy Explains How Honesty, Being Present, and Partnerships Create Success

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