The Future Of Web Design Agencies & Why Paul Left His To Fly Solo

This is part two of our interview with Paul Boag, a notable web design author, speaker and consultant based in the UK. Paul hosts the popular podcast, Boagworld, “a podcast for all those who design, develop or run a website on a daily basis”. This week, Paul is discussing the future of web design agencies, why he left his own agency, and how he defines success.

Agencies Drinking Beer Podcast: Part 2 - The Future of Web Design Agencies & Why Paul Left His to Fly Solo


This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, we continue with part two of our interview with Paul Boag of Boagworld. In this episode Paul reflects on the challenges he faced as co-founder of a digital agency (which are universal to almost all agencies), why he decided to leave that agency to pursue the consultant’s life, and how he learned the importance of defining your own version of success.

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