From Coding to Closing: How a Programmer Transitioned to Sales

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, we interview Andy Frey of meltmedia, a development agency that builds custom software, mobile apps, and enterprise level web projects, based in Tempe, Arizona.

Agencies Drinking Beer: From Coding to Closing 0 How a programmer Transitions to Sales


After a 30-year career as a network engineer, Andy made what could be seen as an unusual transition to sales. But going from coding to closing was not only a natural progression for Andy, who had always been an evangelist for his projects, it turned out to be a competitive edge for meltmedia. Having someone on the business development team who could also speak tech language has helped meltmedia expand into other industry verticals and improve how they scope projects.

In this interview, Andy talks about the challenges he faced moving from dev to biz dev, what he’s learned transitioning to enterprise sales, and how he manages to keep his technical skills sharp despite not being a full-time coder anymore. Andy also offers some advice about what non-tech salespeople selling tech can learn to close more deals.

From Coding to Closing: How a Programmer Transitioned to Sales

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