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How Software Partnerships Help You and Your Clients Grow

How Software Partnerships Help You and Your Clients Grow

On this week’s episode of Agencies Drinking Beer, Kevin and Kyle interview Jim Hohl and Lucas Garvin of Visify, a small business digital marketing agency based in New York.

While Visify has experience working with large companies like Subway and HP, their passion lies in taking that expertise and making it accessible to small businesses who don’t have the same kind of budget. “I enjoy seeing the impact on small business  - when we can generate a another income stream or we can provide a way for them to leave a job. That kind of impact doesn’t happen at HP or Subway,” says Jim Hohl.

Visify positions itself as an extended marketing team, providing strategy consultation and execution for businesses that may have only one person handling their marketing.

One of the key ways Jim and Lucas help their clients grow is by using the same tools they've used to help Visify grow, like Infusionsoft and DigitalMarketer. In particular, Jim and Lucas are big fans of DigitalMarketer’s Customer Value Optimization process(CVO), which is about building and nurturing natural relationships with customers, without having to use a hard sell. “CVO can double business almost overnight,” says Jim. Jim and Lucas talk about how software partnerships have saved them time, generated new clients, allowed them to better service their clients, and helped them avoid the pain of making mistakes others have already gone through.

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