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How this Marketing Agency Made a Niche in the Industrial Sector

How this Marketing Agency Made a Niche in the Industrial Sector

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kevin and Kyle interview Kevin Brown, Managing Partner at Industrial Strength Marketing, an agency that specializes in working with businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, and logistics sectors.

Kevin talks about how Industrial Strength got into the industrial niche, and how they apply this specialization strategy to help their own clients differentiate within their markets. “Being a differentiated agency is a clear competitive advantage and then for a lot of our clients we help them find their own competitive advantage," says Kevin.

On top of the challenges that industrial companies share with most businesses — things like driving leads, raising awareness, sales and marketing misalignment, brand strategy — this sector overall is facing a critical skills/labour gap. So Industrial Strength has also developed programs to help raise awareness among young graduates about the potential in manufacturing careers.

Kevin also shares how his agency has developed their own “agency operating system”, based on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and insights from the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business . Implementing this system has changed the way Industrial Strength operates, helping get their agency on track and stay focused.

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