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Qualifying Leads: How Voting for Clients Helps this Agency do Better Business

Qualifying Leads: How Voting for Clients Helps this Agency do Better Business

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kevin and Kyle interview Mike Arnesen, founder and CEO of UpBuild, a technical marketing agency based in Portland, Oregon.

As a technical marketing agency, Mike and his team at UpBuild combine the top skills of both a marketer and a developer to optimize the %$#^ out of their clients’ sites and get real growth results.

One of the really interesting practices at UpBuild is how every potential sales lead is validated by the entire team before deciding to take them on as an agency client. Mike and his team evaluate each lead based on three criteria, with each team member voting individually on a scale of 1-5:

  1. Alignment: Do we think we can adhere to our core values while working with this client?
  2. Effectiveness: Can we make a difference for this client?
  3. Interest: Are we personally interested in working with this business?

If the vote averages at 3 or under, they pass the lead on to another company. If it’s over 3, they take it on as a client. If the average vote ends up being 4.5 or higher, UpBuild not only takes the client on, they offer a 15% discount.

For Mike, it’s in his best interest as a business owner to ensure his employees are happy and motivated to do their best work. And that only happens if you’re working with clients you believe in.

Check out UpBuild’s blog to learn more about their expertise in technical marketing.

You can also catch up with Mike as a guest blogger on moz.com

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