Webinar: How to Ask for the Sale

Learn from expert sales trainer John Barrows on how to prepare and ask for the sale, as well as how to deal with objections and negotiations.


You've done all the hard work. You have a solution that aligns with your prospect's needs and you're ready to sign, seal, and deliver a deal after all of that back-and-forth. The only thing standing in your way is a final conversation where you ask for the sale.

Having that closing conversation can be nerve-wracking. We all want to close sales, but are worried there's the chance they might change their mind on the spot or ask for a price that isn't achievable, and we don't want to shoot ourselves in the foot during that final conversation… So how do we ask for the sale without coming off too strong and scaring our prospect away?

Expert sales trainer, John Barrows joins us on this webinar to share how you can get the sale while avoiding potential deal-breakers. On this webinar you’ll takeaway:

  • How to prepare for the close

  • Examples of how to ask for the sale

  • How to deal with objections and pricing negotiations

  • What it takes to get better close rates by mastering the closing conversation

    Hosted by

    kyle racki

    Kyle Racki

    CEO, Proposify

    An entrepreneur for more than 10 years, the co-founder and CEO of Proposify, and a graduate of the school of hard knocks with a major in street smarts, Kyle is focused on empowering companies to improve their sales so they can reap the benefits that come with a thriving business. From selling 6-figure projects to closing 8-figure investment deals, Kyle knows how to close.

    John Barrows headshot

    John Barrows

    CEO, JBarrows Sales Training

    John Barrows is the CEO of JB Sales and provides sales training and consulting services to some of the world’s fastest-growing companies like Salesforce, Google, LinkedIn, and DropBox. His previous experience spans all aspects of Sales and at every level, from making 400 cold calls a week as an inside sales rep to the VP of Sales at his first startup that was later sold to Staples.