Faster Metrics, Custom Date & Price Formatting, and More!

We've been busy bees over here! Extended trials, faster metrics, custom date and currency formatting, and more!

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The Proposify team’s been busy revamping some old features, designing, developing, and testing some new ones, and fixing up some pesky bugs. I’ve got lots to tell you about that’s new and improved!

Get Metrics Faster

Before this release, our metrics were compiled every 24 hours. While they did provide great insight to the sales process, it simply wasn’t fast enough in today’s lightning speed marketplace.

Our View Metrics, which includes who viewed your proposal, which sections they viewed, and the length of time they spent looking at each section, is now calculated every 5 minutes. Our Business Metrics displays the status of your proposals and what’s in your pipeline as fast as you win new business.

One of my favorite new features is now when you view a snapshot of a proposal sent to your client you may see this:

In the top right corner you’ll see a message indicating that your client is viewing the proposal RIGHT NOW. So cool!

These updated metrics will help you reach out to clients faster and stay up-to-date in close to real time.

Custom Currency Formatting

Now in Proposify not only do you have control over which currency your proposal uses, but also how the currency displays:

You can set your account default format so that every proposal created uses this setting. Or you can override the currency formatting on a proposal by proposal basis.

This new feature will better help you communicate with your clients in their language, increasing your chances of closing the deal.

Pipeline & Metrics

We made a couple changes to how Pipeline and Metrics show proposal values and totals.

The Pipeline totals  now use your account default and are split by currencies, helping you truly understand what’s on the go.

The same change has been applied to your business metrics, so they reflect the currencies you are bidding for and winning.

Custom Date Formatting

Much like the currency formatting, being able to customize your proposal date format will help solidify your voice in your client's language.

Here’s how you set your default date formatting:

And how to set it per proposal:

Neat, right??

Quick Updates

Company Variables

New in this release is the ability to add your company information as variables in a proposal. This means if your phone number changes or your address, the change will be reflected in your proposals. You can insert the company variables like you do the others.

Zapier Update

Zapier just launched a new version and we quickly took advantage. Now when you create Zaps to your essential apps, you can send invoices directly from Proposify. You can also notify your CRM that the client has signed the proposal, keeping your applications up to date with your success.

New 30-day Trial Period

We’ve been discussing our trial lengths and based on customer feedback have decided that 14 days simply isn’t enough to allow people to get a full sense of the power of Proposify. So as of Monday, February 1st, 2016, we’re extending all existing and new trials to be 30 days long. The sales process doesn’t always happen over night so we want to be there with you when you win your first proposal ;)

Upcoming Features

Permissions Feature

We are continuing development on the Permissions feature. We are very excited by it and know you are going to love the added control.

Revamped Mobile Views

We’re working on improving client previews on mobile so they’re more effective. Not only are we refining the existing features in the preview, we’re also adding in mobile comments so you can discuss the status of a proposal on the go.

Live Long and Proposify,
Ricky Ferris
Product Manager

Faster Metrics, Custom Date & Price Formatting, and More!

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